Wow. It’s all over. Christmas, Blogmas. Back to normal day to day life! Whatever that means for me right now in this in-between stage, right?

Monday my dad had off work, so we made a day of it.

I started the morning with 6am Crossfit. It was 37 degrees. The ice scraper is MIA (I haven’t needed it yet this year) and my windshield was totally iced over. So I got to scrape the ice off with my fingernails (my windshield won’t really defrost unless my car heats up which won’t happen unless I’m driving). The ice over my roof melted during the drive, but it was still so cold out that it refroze while I was working out. Did I mention Crossfit isn’t heated??

For the workout, we did our awful sets of 20 for back squat and strict press. The WOD was an AMPRAP with heavy kb swings and rowing.

What my kitty looked liked at 5:30am as I left my room:


Mid-morning, my family took Bart (the subway) up to the city to the big mall near Union Square. First on the agenda was lunch. I got a salad with chicken, goat cheese, avocado, and garlic vinaigrette.


For dessert, my mom and I split a Ghiradelli Hot Fudge Sundae. This is what San Francisco tastes like, my friends.


After eating, we left the mall to walk to Union Square.


Naturally, we had to stop at Macy’s to visit the kitties that are up for adoption this time of year.

img_1402 img_1406

Obligatory Union Square Christmas tree picture:

img_1411 img_1413 img_1418

We stopped at the Nike store at Union Square as well before heading back to the mall to look around a bit.

We got back home in the late afternoon, and I got to work on persimmon bread. I used the recipe for banana bread, but used 6 chopped and blended persimmons, and tossed in a teaspoon of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon.


I used a “wholesome” GF flour blend that has brown rice flour, oat flour, and ground flaxseed. It gave the bread a little more hearty of a texture and taste, especially since persimmons tend to be a mild flavor.


This hearty and healthy bread was a nice break from all the holiday sweets, and a great use of our fresh persimmons!

I whipped up a quick dinner for the family with leftover turkey from Christmas. Salads with turkey, fresh pear, dried cranberries, champagne vinaigrette, and bleu cheese for me and goat cheese for my parents. GF sourdough on the side.


And of course, to finish off the meal, I had to try a slice of the persimmon bread. Yum!


I love going to the city around the holidays, even if it’s after Christmas! It still feels festive, but it’s not quite as crazy.

What did you do after Christmas?

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  1. Rina

    I baked a lot of cookies. Made chocolate chip and springerle cookies (German animal print cookies). I went out on an easy 3 mile run since I was still a bit sick, and then watched a lot of period dramas!

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