After all the graduation mumbo-jumbo, it’s time for a normal catch up on normal life. Food. Fitness. Animals. That’s just about how we roll around here, isn’t it? So let’s do a food+fitness recap of the week.


Monday: Crossfit

A1: Front Squat @30×1 – 3, 3, 3, 3, 3
A2: Banded Shoulder Stretch 30s/side
3 Sets with no rest

30 Double under ( I did 10 calories on the assault bike)
12 DB Front Squat
12 Wtd Hanging Leg Raise (No weight for me because I didn’t want a dumbbell on my foot…)
12 Burpee (I did 15 V-ups)

Tuesday: In the morning, I went to my mom’s aerobics class with her, although I couldn’t do absolutely everything with my foot. It was a lot of fun! Exactly what I would imagine a fitness class in the ’80s would be like, complete with the music.

In the evening, I went to a spin class at the local studio. This was the first time in a class I was able to stand a little bit! I stood maybe 1/3 of the time we were supposed to stand, and took it super carefully.

Wednesday: 6am spin class at the same studio, and was able to stand even more than the day before! At this point, it doesn’t hurt my foot, but my foot gets tired before it’s overused to the point it stops hurting, so I know it well enough to know when to back off.

In the afternoon, I went to my Crossfit gym to make use of the open gym while my parents walked the dog. I worked on bench press mainly, working up to a heavy set of 2. Then I did pull ups and dumbbell rows. All arms!

Thursday: I went to the Crossfit gym again to do my own workout. I’m not quite ready for Olympic lifts yet (probably next week), so I didn’t do the class. I did 4×4 deadlifts at 165#, going slow down. Then I did 4 sets of 8 single arm kneeling db press at 25#, and 6 single leg RDLs, keeping it light for my foot at 35#. I finished with 4 rounds of 10 tricep dips, 25 abmat sit ups, and 30s sprint on the bike.

Friday: Not there yet, but soon, Crossfit! Back squats, plus an on the minute WOD of pull up holds, handstand holds, and kb swings.


A few highlights include some recipes stolen from my friend’s Pinterest. She seriously has the best pins!

Lemon chicken and veggie soup, which we topped with feta and served with sweet potato tortilla chips.


The best thing though? Probably the best salad I’ve ever made. Grilled romaine salad with corn and avocado. If you’ve never tried grilled romaine, you need to. This salad had a corn, avocado, and basil blend (which we added grilled chicken to), with a maple miso dressing. Seriously, this was amazing.


Other non-pinterest delights:

Nachos, the last meal on campus after we finished moving out. I wanted froyo, but the place was closed.


Breakfasts: Yogurt with some variation of fruit, granola, and sunbutter.

IMG_7571 IMG_7582

Coffee with my mom at my new favorite coffeeshop near home+a gluten free brownie. SUPER good.



Leftover soup with GF avocado toast.


Morning glory bread. Recipe to come. It’s still not 100% what I was looking for, but still delicious!


Delicious, simple dinner. Leftover grilled chicken, yams, 2x roasted. First as a whole yam, second in chunks to make the edges crispy. Obsessed. Plus roasted zucchini with crushed garlic, salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast.


Cooking Light BBQ chicken with peach and feta slaw (we used chopped lettuce in place of slaw). Such unique flavors!



IMG_7579 IMG_7578

And now I’m off to Crossfit! Have a fabulous weekend!