Hello! I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done a normal day-to-day blog post, not a weekend recap, #transformationtuesday, or WIAW.

I currently have an hour before I need to leave for spin. I was SO tired today (progressive lack of sleep), so I left my last class halfway through to take a nap (the lecture is recorded so I just have to make that up) before teaching spin. When I got back, both my roommates were napping as well. I was woken up 2x in 20 minutes by my roommate’s alarm before I gave up. I needed that sleep! I left class early for that sleep! Argh. I hate snooze. I’m always up before my roommates, but I know one of them is a big snoozer. If I was still asleep, that would drive me crazy, to be woken up multiple times every morning by someone else’s alarm!

Ok. Rant over.

Topics of today’s post: Boot Goes to the Giant’s Game, today’s happenings, make-up food pictures.

Monday night, I went to the Giant’s game with my mom!IMG_7126 IMG_7134

I absolutely love SF. The Giants stadium has the best food. A few years ago, they opened up a garden area in centerfield, complete with avocado trees. Here’s a shot with the boot+avocado tree:


Plus, they have tons of gourmet and veggie filled options, including GF flatbread.

IMG_7133 IMG_7138

I got the cauliflower flatbread (insanely delicious. Truffle=life.) And my mom and I split a salad.


I thought a ballgame would be the biggest boot challenge thus far, but it was totally fine. I took the elevator for the biggest set of stairs, and apparently the boot moves well on really hard cement ground.

Most importantly, my mom and I shared a Ghiradelli hot fudge sundae.


This is everything.

The game was a pitcher’s duel. Our pitcher pitched 9 shutout innings, and we won with a walk-off error/bloop/it wasn’t pretty with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th. We actually left an inning early to avoid the crowds leaving, so we missed it. Amazing night though!

Back to today. Since I haven’t done a lot of day to day blogging, my foot friendly workouts have also been left off the blog.

Wednesdays are my gym workout days. Enjoy my totally technical descriptions of exercises and machines. Today, I did seated cable rows (4 sets of 10 at 70-85#) alternated with seated dumbbell presses, using 25# dumbbells.

Then, I did some leg machines. One that I really like is the one where you’re sitting down and you press your legs in. I did 5ish sets of that around 170#, alternated with some of the machine that looks similar but you press your legs apart.

Then I did a few BOSU ab moves. Crunches on the BOSU, and then side crunches.

It’s amazing how I’ve managed to actually get stronger and am regularly sore with this injury. My core has gotten pretty strong as well. Yesterday afternoon, I did a couple of Blogilates videos—Abs on Fire and Brutal Booty. I’m sore from that second one—definitely not a normal movement for me!

Post workout breakfast was 2% plain Greek yogurt with blueberries and raspberry chia KIND granola, plus a mango.


Sadly, my stomach didn’t appreciate the fat content of the crab cakes last night and I dealt with a mini flare afterwards. I woke up feeling fine but not in the mood for fats!

Also, I’ve been craving more plants lately. I’m not sure if it’s the warmer weather, but fruits and veggies have been far more appealing than dairy or meat as of late, so I’m rolling with it!

I had to shift my schedule 30 minutes earlier today to take care of my sister’s sweet cat while she’s out of town. He’s on meds (he’s been dealing with upper respiratory stuff since she adopted him months ago), so I have to go over 2x a day.

IMG_7157 IMG_7158

I know, we’re so cute.

I ran to my morning class after that. Then lunch! Continuing the plant based trend. We had a lot of leftover salad from Monday night, and it held up really well! I had that with some leftover roasted sweet potatoes from last night’s dinner.


This afternoon also marked the grand finale of my squirrel project! I presented my project in class today. I still have to do a final research paper on it, but this was the bulk of the preparation!

After another hour of class, here we are! Now that we’ve gotten that all squared away, here are some catch up meals.


BBQ chicken, baked potato, roasted corn, green beans. I really like baked potatoes, but I kept missing the dinners where we would have them!


Breakfast: fruit+yogurt with sunbutter and reduced sugar blueberry jam from Trader Joe’s. I’m a big fan of it!


Another mostly plant based meal from last week. Sweet potatoes, fruit, salad, and some rice and beans.


I’m not a huge pasta person, so sometimes if I can swing it, I throw my pasta sauce+cheese over lettuce. Plus a GF brownie in the back there!


Lunch of sweet potatoes and roasted veggies. I’m pretty sure I had something else with this. Seeing a theme here?

And here we are, all caught up! I have a bit of a long night ahead of me. After teaching spin, I have to sprint back, eat, and clean myself up to be presentable (all in 30 minutes) for a senior toast. My school also does a time capsule every year, which get’s buried under a plaque for our class in the quad, so that’s happening tonight as well!

Are you a snooze person?

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  1. Sky @ Blonde Freedom

    I’m sorry you have a stress fracture in your foot. I hated having a stress fracture, but I didn’t wear a boot and I think if I would have I would have healed faster. So props to you for taking proper care! I am sometimes a snoozer…only when I don’t have somewhere to be. But it must be annoying to hear other people’s alarms. A giant’s game sounds like a blast! I’m impressed by the flat bread and salad option. How nice!

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