Guys. Any other Crossfitters out there excited for the open? I’m doing it first thing tomorrow (Saturday) morning. I wasn’t planning on actually signing up, but I did, mostly because I want guaranteed space in a crowded workout! I will definitely be doing the scaled 16.1 though because pull ups are not really a thing. At least not chest to bar, and not more than 1!

I had a super exciting moment Thursday though.

Less than 2 months ago, I couldn’t hang from the bar with my shoulder injury. Even before hurting my shoulder, I only did a few toes to bar ever (during the open last year!). The last few weeks I’ve been doing more core work, and last week I started working on some toes to bar before or after the Crossfit class. I got a few, but never more than 2 without having to rest.

When I saw toes to bar in Thursday’s workout, I thought I’d try them and do what I could.

Well, something clicked. The toes to bar felt awesome, and I ended up doing 48 in the workout! WHAT?? I was so excited, and was just having the best time with it.


Toes to bar coming in right before the Open? I’ll take it!

Thursday night I watched the open announcement. To be honest, I’m really not a fan. I think walking lunges are really impractical for smaller boxes. I’m not sure how my box is going to do it, but it’s definitely not ideal. I think we might have to do the lunges/burpees outside, and burpees on cement? Yuck.

In non-Crossfit news, I’ve had some fun food lately.


Mexican food in salad form. Look how beautiful the avocado is! Honestly I feel like taco shells dilute the flavor of the good stuff!


Giant chip. Love.


Yogurt. Blueberries+cherries. Sunbutter. This blueberry blend reminds me of waffles. Probably because I used to put something similar on waffles in the dining hall freshman year.


Lunch with my mom and sister. It’s Parent’s weekend at school. Tomato soup with cheddar, GF bread with butter and cranberry spread. My mom also sat in on my Sleep and Dreams lecture.


Eggplant lasagna, cod, veggies. The eggplant lasagna is awesome—eggplant in place of noodles!

IMG_5991 IMG_5992

The real highlight—ice cream date with my friends! We piled into my tiny car (it was not pretty) and drove to Smitten, home of the nitrogen ice cream. This ice cream is ridiculous. Unfortunately I’ve become crazy sensitive to chocolate lately (caffeine+maybe the other stimulant—theobromine), so I only got through about half of this, and still felt the effects. Seriously, this past week has been so bad on the chocolate front. I had a single ghiradelli dark chocolate raspberry square last night and felt like I was dying. Cool, body.

Well, it’s off to bed for me! I’m sure dreams of burpees, lunges, and pull ups will be running through my head!

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