I feel like I spend a lot of time reflecting on things and thinking about that past. Maybe it’s because I’m on vacation and have done basically nothing all week, but I feel so far away from reflections right now. Maybe that’s good. I don’t know. IMG_5440

The little goose family that hangs out outside the condo we are staying at.

So instead of reflecting on the past, I will be focusing on the future. Because to be honest? This next year is going to bring more adventure than the past 3 combined. In 2016 I will: graduate from college (hopefully—yesterday I had a scare that I wouldn’t have enough units but all looks good now), apply to vet school, hopefully have a summer internship, and hopefully move to DC for my gap year and live as a real adult for a bit before returning to school.

As I get older, the years pass by faster and faster. I’ve seen all kinds of New Year’s memes flying around the past few days and the one that struck me the most was that 2016 is like a blank notebook with 366 pages. This struck me. Each day counts. How often is it that we write off days as “waste days” and start over the next day, the next week? Well. In 2016, there will be no wasted, lost days. Because the only thing scarier than the passage of time is the loss of time. And I’m kind of over that. Which brings me to New Year’s resolution #1.

This blog has…changed…in the past year or so. It’s no secret it has fallen a bit by the wayside, the posting is less frequent, I’m not always into what I’m saying. I’ve questioned whether it is something to maintain or let go. So despite all this, resolution #1 is going to be counter to the trend. My resolution is to keep track of each day. Every single day. Because #nolostdays. Not necessarily blogging but making each day count. I hope that will be reflected on the blog.


And now for resolution #2. It’s a little bit more of a typical resolution, and maybe it’s sort of lofty but I think it’s achievable.

A few weeks ago, my roommate and I sat down and wrote out some life goals. Since apparently I’m not that creative or deep, many of mine are actually fitness related. I’m a simple girl. Some of them are basic and related to health. My resolution is to complete 3 of these goals next year. Here are some of them to choose from:

  • sub 2:00 (probably not this year…)
  • sub 24:00 5k (not this one either…)
  • 6:50 mile (maaaaybe)
  • teach at a spin specific studio (I love teaching at gyms but I think it would be fun to try)
  • do a pull up (there is possibly hope here)
  • complete a cow exam (as a veterinarian)
  • birth an animal
  • fix my skin (I think I’m actually getting close!)
  • 100% heal my stomach (I hope this year…)
  • find the perfect dress for me
  • play an electric violin
  • be more focused
  • cure my sweet tooth with science (nerd)

So the goal is to complete 3 of these! Some of them are definitely longer term, but I think I have a decent chance with fixing my skin (I feel like I am constantly having allergic reactions/gross skin otherwise). Maybe doing a pull up? I was close before my shoulder but it seems doable. Not sure about the others though.

On that note, enjoy your New Years! We have fireworks which is pretty cool because I’ve never shot them off before because they’re illegal where I live at home. I will do a recap of my vacation when I get home most likely thanks to slowww wifi that makes uploading pictures super frustrating.

What are you doing/what did you do for New Years?