Hello! I’m currently hanging out outside of Philz Coffee, sipping a mint iced tea.


I went to a spin class this morning and Philz is really close so I figured I’d stop in and get some work done. It would be significantly more pleasant if the people next to me weren’t smoking though…

The spin class was awesome! I tried a new local studio-Uforia. It had super high Yelp reviews, and it lived up to my expectations! The instructor was full of energy and the room was hopping! I will definitely be back! Another plus-they give out blueberries and cold towels after class. I never realized how heavenly a cold towel could be!

In terms of the tea-it’s full of fresh mint! I can’t really do coffee or caffeine very much right now which is why I went with the mint tea. Tastes like summer though!

I’m currently in the final push of the year-luckily my schedule isn’t too bad. I only have 2 finals and a low-key take home final, and no projects, just normal problem sets. Plus, plenty of time to study because my finals are actually spaced out!

I wanted to share some pictures from this past week.

This past Thursday was my last day of Bio lab-we went to a biological reserve to do research, and it was beautiful weather for the last day!

IMG_2311 IMG_2314

In other life news, I threw an alumni tea party for my sorority yesterday. Throwing an event means I’m in charge of the food-and I went to Costco for the goods! 8 lbs of strawberries!

IMG_2322 IMG_2321

I got berries, pita chips and hummus, fancy brie, a cheese platter, whole grain crackers, a veggie platter, madelines, and blueberry coffeecake bites. It was quite the success!

In terms of normal food-here’s a breakfast-hard boiled eggs and mango post-Crossfit:


Another lunch salad of chicken+hummus.


Snack-loving the summer fruit right now!


That’s all I have for now! I’m thinking about getting an acai bowl for lunch since I’ve never had one!