This is something I’ve been thinking about a bit lately. And what better way to talk about it than at the end of the Crossfit Open?

I did 15.5 on Friday. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be feeling well enough to do it. 10 minutes before my heat started, I didn’t think I would be able to do it. But then I did a few thrusters and felt better, and was fine by my start time. Since I wasn’t feeling 100% at all and wasn’t sure I’d even finish, I decided to do the scaled version, which was 45# thrusters instead of 65# thrusters. I wasn’t thrilled about that, but it is what it is and I did what I could on that day. 15.5 was:


calories on the rowing machine


I personally liked this. Everyone says I’m crazy and that this was way worse than 14.5. I disagree. 14.5 was the worst thing ever. EVER. It was 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 thrusters and over the bar burpees. Maybe it’s because I HATE burpees and love rowing that this year’s was so much better. I also am pretty good at pacing myself with the rowing and getting the most out of every stroke, so I didn’t gas myself on the rower. In addition, 45# thrusters aren’t that heavy for me-although my shoulders were definitely feeling it by the end! I went through the first set with 15 unbroken, but by the end I was breaking it up a lot more.

I ended up finishing in 12:15.

The atmosphere was really fun. I was at my home Crossfit, and in addition to having a party to celebrate the end of the games, we were having a going away party for a coach and a member. There were tons of people out, lots of food, and loud music. It was an awesome way to end the games, and I’m so glad I was able to do the workout. I actually felt SO much better after the workout. I don’t understand my body.




I will say that I personally love it, but my honest opinion will be honest despite that.

First, the things I don’t love. I don’t necessarily agree with the intro programs. Note that every box is different, and I’ve seen a few different intros. I think that they teach you to lift too fast, and throw you into things too quickly. My home Crossfit is by far the best-you have 3x/week intro classes for 4 weeks before you go into the open class. I even think that’s pretty soon to learn all the olympic lifts and start doing them in a rushed manner (in the WODs). On the other hand, I’ve seen one box that only did one 3 hour intro session before getting thrown into the regular class, and another that doesn’t even have an intro class-the new students learn the movements as they go as they come up in WODs, which I think is totally irresponsible.

Another con-depending on what box you go to and your individual needs, Crossfit is likely not the most efficient way to get you to be in the best shape you are capable of. If that’s your goal, a personal trainer would probably be better because they focus only on YOU. I recognize this, but I do Crossfit because it’s fun and I like the community aspect-not to mention it’s much cheaper than a personal trainer. I don’t need to be in the best shape ever ever ever-I exercise for my health and for my own enjoyment.

Another important thing to mention is that every box is different. I’ve been to quite a few at this point, and I’ve gone to 3 full time over the past 2 years. Each one has a different vibe, different community, different exercise philosophy, and different style of workouts.

But like I said, I love Crossfit. I love the community. I feel like I always have somewhere to come home to, even as I move away through the years, I know I can always come back. On the flip side, Crossfit is one reason I have no fear about moving to a completely new city. I know Crossfit will always be there, and will always be a way to meet people.

As I said before, Crossfit is just fun. I love weightlifting, and Crossfit is a program that mixes it up a lot, and is something you can do every day. The workouts are varied enough that you can go day after day because it works different muscles. (Not that I’m suggesting anyone go 7 days a week). When I first learned about Crossfit, I knew it was right up my alley. That being said, I recognize not everyone is going to be into it, which is fine. But I would definitely suggest trying a couple of different boxes before discounting it!

Have you/would you try Crossfit? Why or why not?

4 comments on “My Honest Opinion on Crossfit

  1. Elsie Goycoolea

    I have heard many mixed thoughts. I actually think it is a fun but hard discipline and that definitely is not for everyone. I still want to try it though!

    1. astottler Post author

      I think it’s definitely worth a try!

  2. Rina

    I would like to try CrossFit because it’d be kind of fun, but at the same time, CrossFit would sidestep me from my running goals. Running is definitely my passion. Also, I don’t like that you do Olympic lifts for time. I’d rather do the lifts, but take my sweet time and make sure that my form is good. I’d try it in the off-season, maybe.

    1. astottler Post author

      I agree on Olympic lifts for time-it makes it really difficult to maintain good form, which also increases the risk for injury, especially for people who are more new to the movements and the technique. I also agree that it’s important to pick one over the other-when I run more I tend to step back from Crossfit a bit, and vice versa.

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