Happy Friday! Anyone have big plans for the weekend? I’m not really sure what I want to do. I might try to check out one of the Smithsonians!

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been trying to keep my posts more as daily recaps of food+exercise. It doesn’t get too long and I’m forcing myself to include some things that might have been better left out. Since I’m cooking for myself finally, I can have way more control over what I eat, which is fantastic! I think it will be interesting to see how this evolves over the summer. Plus-ideas, right?

My morning did not start off with a workout. Yayy sleeping!

I got ready and went to Starbucks for breakfast because I was lacking in the quick and easy breakfast food department. Plus I was still a bit woozy from the Benadryl (although everything I took it for seems to be getting better!), so I wanted a little caffeine. I went with a latte because they seem to be really week, plus a spinach and feta wrap.



Lunch was a repeat of yesterday-leftovers! No picture because I was in a meeting. Then a little dessert…



From the vending machine-which I became more familiar with because it gives me quarters for laundry! Not the worst things for you, but definitely not the healthiest.

Later in the afternoon, I also had a piece of banana bread.

After work, I headed to the gym for run club, with the full knowledge that a storm might come in. Hah.

Let’s just say I don’t think I’ve ever been that wet before in my life. If I jumped in a pool, I wouldn’t be that wet. It started to rain about 5-10 minutes in, and it came down hard. We decided to push through it because we got pretty wet, pretty quickly. This is the first time I’ve been caught out in a DC storm. I felt like someone was pouring buckets of water on my head. We don’t get rain like that in CA!

Then the lightning started. It was closer than I would have liked (but not dangerously close by any means!), but at that point, we didn’t really have anywhere to take cover from it so we forged on.

The theme of the run was a hill run. We were going to do hill sprints but it was so wet out we just ran up it. Definitely nothing like the SF hills I’m used to though! Not that I didn’t slog up it, but everyone talked beforehand about how big it was…that’s a SF foothill…

I’m pretty sure I was dying during the run because the pace was so fast, but I didn’t really notice because I was pretty busy trying not to drown. It’s a legitimate concern. How to you keep the water out of your mouth?

When we got back, it was comical how wet we were. And somehow I forgot my umbrella..I was going to go straight to the grocery, but I decided to ride the storm out in SweetGreens over dinner of a guacamole salad.



When the rain let up, I ran into Whole Foods (on the way back) for some quick groceries and a muffin.



Muffins/quickbreads are officially my favorite desserts. I’m calling it-muffins will be the next gourmet dessert trend! At least I hope they are…Whole Foods has such good muffins too.

Meanwhile, I’ve been dreaming up new variations of my banana bread. Chocolate raspberry may be next!

Do you like running in the rain? How do you not drown?

That’s a legitimate question!

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