Happy Monday! I hope you all had a terrific weekend! I was busy, busy! 

Sunday morning, I went to Crossfit. The WOD was rough-it took me 46 minutes and involved lots of push ups, pull ups, and double unders. I actually did all 100 double unders! It was hard. And I have a bruised pinkie to show for it!

Immediately after Crossfit, I headed out to Big Game-the football game against our rivals. Image

It must have been my lucky day-I caught a free water bottle AND a free t-shirt!


Things started well when we scored a touchdown in the first 30 seconds or so. 


I ended up leaving at halftime-we won 63-13! It was great. I actually ran into some of my high school friends who now go to my rival school while I was biking around after the game-how crazy is that? It was great to catch up-it had been way too long!

Then, it was time for a mass packing and room cleaning. I had to take home an insane amount of stuff, especially given I’ll only be back for a week! Since finals are coming up, I had to take every single textbook. The number of shoes I brought back is embarassing as well-like 7 or 8 pairs, and I am almost positive I’ll wear them all. When you have Spin shoes, Crossfit shoes, workout shoes, running shoes, old running shoes for if it rains…etc. It adds up quickly. Getting everything to my car was an adventure to say the least. 

For my first meal home, we brought back food from a local restaurant, and I had huevos rancheros and a salad.


As well as a delicious pumpkin cookie with sticky toffee icing from my grandma.


The best part? I was reunited with this guy:


He sheds like crazy. I’m pretty much a ball of fur at this point. My dad picked up my turkey trot shirt from the expo, and it got all furry just from ME. Well worth it though. Want to know a lesser known about Aurora fact? I’m actually allergic to cats. I just put up with it because they are 100% worth it-but it’s amazing how fast allergies come back-it’s not something that ever even crosses my mind at school!

This morning I went to my home gym to go to one of my favorite spin classes. I did a bit of erging and ab work beforehand. The class was amazing. It’s so nice to have good bikes-it’s a completely different experience. I left the class feeling exhilarated. I have a new appreciation for spin classes now that I’ve been making my own!

After spin I spent way too long in Whole Foods, mostly buying granola bars and THIS. I could not resist.


Almond milk eggnog. Guys, this was seriously amazing. And so much less sugar than regular egg nog, but the flavor was still spot on. 

I also picked up lunch-an Asian chicken salad wrap and Thai carrot ginger soup for my mom and me.


Then, we did a little shopping-some Christmas decorations, some workout clothes, and some real people clothes-so basically it was great. 


This is going on my dorm door. My roommate and I may or may not be going crazy with the Christmas decorating this year. 

The mall was so festive! Santa is ALREADY doing pictures with kids. It seems ridiculous that this all is happening before Christmas, but I guess Thanksgiving is really late this year. 


For dinner, I had a teriyaki chicken bowl. I can’t remember the last time I had one of these!


We also may a trip to Starbucks for some berry coffeecake and a peppermint brownie cake pop. They’re good. Get one. They are more or less moist brownies with peppermint bark on the outside. Yum. And so pretty!


The rest of the evening has been spent planning 12 Days of Christmas. And cranberry bread is currently in the oven-we’re going to Napa tomorrow per our usual Thanksgiving tradition, so we’re baking it to take along. 

Throwback to Napa trip 4 years ago!


And here’s a question: What do I wear for a rainy race??

6 comments on “Big Game

  1. Bree

    Oh my gosh I want that egg nog! Basically everything tells me that no store near me carries it, but it won’t stop me from looking.

  2. smilemilegirl

    So much Christmas and it’s not even Thanksgiving!! (: I don’t even mind at all. For your race, do you have a running rain jacket? I picked one up at TJ Maxx for 10 bucks (on clearance)

    1. Aurora

      I do have a running rain jacket! The only thing is I haven’t run in it much-it didn’t rain much in the past year since I got it! I guess it will depend on how string the rain is!

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