Is Fitness Thoughts Monday a thing? I guess it’s going to be because I have a lot of fitness thoughts. 

I thought I was a lot less sore this morning. But when you have to pump yourself up to walk halfway across the room, maybe that’s not the case. Well, either way, I started the morning off with a timed mile. My legs felt fresh and incredibly sore at the same time-is that possible? My time was 24 seconds faster than my last timed mile (soon after mono), but about 40 s from my PR, but I didn’t feel dead at the end at all, which I think means I could have gone a lot faster. Actually, to be honest, I think that actually might be an attainable 5k pace. Maybe. With lots of adrenaline and fresh legs? 

I think I need to get used to running fast again and pushing myself. It’s a totally different mental game, and practice makes perfect! I think next time I would run without my Garmin, and just a stopwatch. Knowing my pace has the tendency to make me a little too complacent-I was already planning on running the race sans Garmin; knowing the pace shouldn’t help me-if I’m not dying I should be going faster! It’s as fast as I can go and that’s that. 

After my timed mile, I ran to total an hour of running. My feet started hurting a bit so I found a field and did some barefoot running. It was nice and wet-yuck! Anyways, after half a lap, my foot pain faded away. I ran for about 10 minutes shoeless, and my feet felt awesome. Even when I put my shoes back on, my feet felt better and I was going faster. I might start some runs without shoes just to get feel for proper running form-it’s definitely something I need to work on!

Some more fitness thoughts-I was starting to wonder if I’m lifting too much and it’s hindering my running. And then I realized that last Thursday I was thinking I was not lifting enough. Ohh what soreness will do to you. 

Also-today I was really missing rowing. I was looking at some of my rowing friends’ facebook pictures and it made me really miss that time! I miss my team, I miss being in amazing shape, I miss the water. Image

(I’m in the blue.)

I also miss my rowing body! To be fair though, I actually lost quite a bit of muscle in my legs because I didn’t lift much last fall. 

At the same time, today in Physics, I was sitting near one of my former teammates. I had slept a lot in the past few days, and was well rested and alert. She was nodding off the whole class. So there are definitely some parts I don’t miss!

I really do want to gain some of the rowing fitness I had last fall-I think it really did help my running, even if it was only because it increased my pain threshold. The most painful workout I’ve ever done is by far a 6k test. Yes, worse than hitting the wall in a half. A 6k test was an all out sprint on the erg…for about 24 minutes. I want to get serious about working more erging into my routine-it just hasn’t happened so far!

On another note, I actually finished my Crossfit workout in the fastest time all day. How did that happen?? To be fair-I can’t do real pull ups so I did them banded, and I can’t do handstand push ups so I did them off a box. But I did do the front squats at full weight! Image

(Old pic-I definitely did not do the WOD this heavy!)

One thing that is super frustrating to me right now is my weight. I’m very fit, but I know that the few extra pounds from where I want to be are preventing me from reaching some fitness goals. If I was where I want to be, I’m pretty sure I could do a pull up because I’m getting really close! And my running would be a lot faster too! And I’m a little worried about the upcoming holidays, to be perfectly honest. This all is part of why I made a meal plan for myself-I want to increase my fitness and strength while dropping some body fat. Which means fueling smart-the right things at the right times. For example, after my squat workout on Saturday, I didn’t refuel until at least 2 hours later, and I’m pretty sure that’s part of why I’ve been insanely sore. I stuck pretty closely to my plan today-with a few exceptions:


My roommate is the best. She went home over the weekend and brought these back from her trees. SO good.


I was 3 persimmons and half a Thinkthin bar off today’s plan, which I consider to be pretty good! I just regret the bar and persimmon #2 because they were a little close to Crossfit and gave me a little bit of a stomachache. My food isn’t terribly interesting right now-if I’m not a fan of dining hall food (it just is really boring), I might as well try to eat really clean for performance. But here are a few things of interest!


I’m not sure what I think of this. I guess I’m not a fan-it didn’t taste that spicy but just kind of made my throat burn! And while I do like Kevita, it has Stevia which I really don’t like, and leaves a weird aftertaste.

And my post-workout dinner: sundried tomato chicken sausage, green beans, and brown rice. 


Overall, I felt really good today about my food intake. It’s good to eat something besides dates! (I’m only sort of kidding about this. Plus I’m out of dates…)

You know what is interesting though? When I have my favorite dried fruits on hand (mango and dates), I’m not tempted at all by other sweets! And dried fruit doesn’t cause the same cravings that table sugar does, which is awesome. 

And yayy we’re only two weeks away from Thanksgiving! I can’t wait for the time off, plus kitty time!


Do you have any Thanksgiving plans?

My family always goes to Napa fro Thanksgiving, but this year we’re going the few days before so I can do a Turkey Trot! 

10 comments on “Fitness Thoughts Monday

  1. Ashley @ Power, Love, and Self-Discipline

    I have found that if I eat protein immediately after a tough workout (as well as eating it 3x a day), I never get sore. It is nice to hear someone echo that because everyone thinks I’m crazy when I say I don’t get sore if I fuel properly!

    1. Aurora

      It’s definitely not crazy! Take it from my aching body, haha!

  2. Maddie

    Eek! Everyone keeps mentioning Thanksgiving, but it just makes me panick. I kinda/sorta have a paper due the Wednesday before that I’ve had all semester to work on. Yeah. And I haven’t started. Sigh.

    1. Aurora

      Haha it definitely happens! You have plenty of time! But just think how awesome your Thanksgiving will be once it’s over and done with!

  3. Ashley @MilesonOats

    Don’t get too discouraged! I used to be the same but I found that once I started distance running and strength training twice a week I dropped body fat fast and gained a lot of muscle. I read your posts daily and think you have a great balance of eating.

    P.S I am so jealous you have grass to run in bare foot. Arizona has NO grass! Ahh that sounds like it was amazing 🙂


    1. Aurora

      Thank you for the encouragement! And wow, no grass?? That’s insane! Such a weird thought!

  4. smilemilegirl

    I’m going to run a thanksgiving 5k too! (: I’m constantly trying to figure out what to eat and when. It’s such a game, especially when you add varying workout times to the mix. I’ve experimented with no-sugar and paleo-ish, but right now I’m just trying to find the right balance to lose the final extra pounds and feel my best.

    1. Aurora

      I couldn’t agree more. It’s so difficult to figure out what works best, without feeling totally deprived!

  5. Matt @ Runner Savvy

    We are doing the Turkey Trot for Thanksgiving and just hanging out. Same old same old.

    1. Aurora

      That sounds amazing.

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