Happy Wednesday! Or something. This has and is continuing to be quite the week. I just finished an intense 2 hour long Bio midterm and my brain is pretty much done, so I apologize for any lack of coherency. Tonight I still need to do a post lab and study for tomorrow’s Physics exam but my brain simply needs a break. I’m not sure I’m I’m sleep deprived or just mentally exhausted from all the studying and problem set work I’ve been doing. Today I spent a lot of time studying for tonight’s midterm-I usually don’t like studying day of but sometimes that can’t be avoided. A nap between studying and the midterm made it completely bearable though. I’m rambling. Let’s talk about fun things. Check out this picture of me PRing my front squat from my Crossfit’s facebook page!


Pretty cool! If yesterday was Tuesday, which I think it was (it’s one of those weeks…) I went to Crossfit in the morning and did a lot of snatches, and my shoulders are currently sore. 

I went to the campus store that takes meal plan dollars yesterday and scored big time-they have really good dried mango in their bulk bins, plus I got broccoli! It’s amazing the things you miss. That turned into dinner last night-broccoli, laughing cow, and brown basmati rice.


YUM. And I probably should have bought more dried mango because it is ow long gone. I should have just emptied out the bulk bin. My consumption of dried fruit is out of control. When my brain is mush half the time, it’s something easy to grab that will perk me up. And since I don’t have a ton of food pictures, we can talk about my eating habits of late. My roommate and I are pretty much avoiding sugar together, which means a lot of unhealthy things my dazed self might grab are automatically off limits. And I’m not at the point where I can even THINK about craving or missing certain foods. So I’ve been eating some random things. For example, yesterday, my sleep deprived mind thought it was a good idea to see if a human being could survive on nothing but dates. Which is sad because now I’m out of dates. And dried mango-see the problem here? Those are my favorites and go tos. My mom did bring me more dried fruit though-my currents are apricots and apples. 

Last night I had a Physics review until 10pm, and had to do homework after that. My running plan is pushed away in favor of school this week. I set 2 alarms for this morning-one for my morning track workout, and one to sleep in. I decided at around 5 am that I would turn off the early alarm and just sleep. Well guess who happened to wake up early anyways? This girl. Stupid daylight savings. Stupid sun. So I went out and did my track workout-10x400m repeats. It went pretty well-I didn’t run to the track like I usually do because I was short on time, so it took me a while to totally warm up and get in my groove. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be sore from this tomorrow though. I was really feeling it by the end. The only thing that was a little discouraging was that I don’t normally run these timed, but when I timed the last one, it was at the goal pace of my 5k. Which means what I was doing for 400m, I have to do for 3.1 miles. And ideally faster. This was kind of a wakeup call of how much work I have to do to get fast in the next month and a half. 


Cappuccino with a totally white top? Tons of milk foam->means it will be a good day. Hopefully that means I did well on my midterm? Some people read palms. I read milk foam. 

I’m clearly delirious. 

I’m also becoming BFFs with the barista. I swear I never even drank coffee before midterm season. 

Another highlight from the campus store-this hummus pack.


I bought this because it was a nice, reasonably sized hummus, and I ended up totally loving the hummus! I brought some carrots to go with it too, but they were kind of a wash because a few had rotted and the whole bag was slimy. Ick. But the hummus totally blew me away-have I not had that kind before? I hadn’t actually planned on eating the pretzels, but at that point in the day I think I needed carbs so they hit the spot perfectly. 

One more food highlight-THIS.


My mom is literally the best ever. She made and brought me vegetarian chili (which is the perfect fall food!), complete with cheese, tortilla chips, and even fresh cilantro. I’m pretty sure that’s as close to gourmet as I get in this dorm! So, so good. I still had some avocados in the fridge, which paired perfectly. Because what isn’t good about avocados?

I’m sorry this post was complete mush. The midterm I just took-I don’t think I’ve ever been that stressed-no-emotionally distressed-over a test before. And given I actually really loved the material, that is saying a lot. I also don’t think I’ve ever studied this hard or this much for a test. I thought I would feel more relief once it ended, but I’m still super anxious to get my grade back! But enough about midterms. I promise next time I’m back, the worst of the week is over and we can all live on a rainbow with puppies and butterflies. Ok, I need to stop. Sleep deprivation makes my posts 1. sarcastic and 2. bizarre. Good night!


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  1. Shawn @ Fruity 'N' Nutty

    Ugh midterms, totally feeling you’re pain. I’ve also been quite sleep deprived lately and it sure isn’t pleasant. 🙁

    That crossfit pic is super bad ass!!!

    1. Aurora

      Thanks! Yeah. Ugh. I’m ready for this quarter to be over! Good luck with yours!

  2. Matt @ Runner Savvy

    This post makes me very glad I’m done with school!

    1. Aurora

      Yeah…it’s definitely not all sunshine and rainbows!

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