Hey guys! Now that I don’t have any super pending due dates, and it’s not super late at night, as promised, I’m getting a little more creative with today’s post. Just a note-clearly when I’m super frustrated with my homework and Apple’s STUPID version of excel, the best thing to do is blog.

So, without further ado-here is how you do Halloween-COLLEGE style.

1. Make your muscles scream with this workout!


This is definitely a shoulder burner. This is a WOD I did over the summer-the prescribed weight is 65# for the thrusters. JELLO ARMS. I swear I had every intention of doing this today, but I did a million and three push pressed last night at Crossfit, so anything overhead was NOT going to happen today. So enjoy this one for me! It’s a quickie-just add to the end of your workout for a little conditioning. Speaking of workouts, I’m thinking of occasionally posting weekly workout logs so you guys get a sense of what I’m doing. 

2. Make your friends scream. Don’t shower after said workout. (For the record, I swear I always shower before class!)

3. Want an easy last minute costume idea? Be Frankenstein. Try this workout!


You legs will be so sore I GUARANTEE you’ll be walking like Frankenstein. No costume needed!

Note: Best done 1-2 days before Halloween for maximum Frankenstein-walking effect.

4. How to avoid eating too much candy-alternatice title: learn how to create a black hole. Place outside dorm room in building filled with college students. It’s amazing how fast it disappears. 



5. Make a haunted house in your dorm room. Forget scary “eyeballs” and “brains.” My three week old dirty tupperware is MUCH scarier. 

6. Dress up as a 12 year old dressed up as a zombie and go trick or treating. (Ok, I’ve never actually done this myself.)

7. Make your own version of a “zombie run.” Why pay money to be in a race with zombies when you can create your own? SImply dress up as a zombie and chase after unsuspecting victims runners. You’re just helping them run faster, right? Best done at dawn or dusk. Or in the complete darkness of night. 

8. Use treats to your advantage. Passing out candy to your dorm? Make it count. Last year I passed out these-Image

On the surface, it clearly made sense since I was a baseball player and the Giants were in the process of winning the World Series. However, I also had the mission of converting everyone to Giant’s fans so this was my way of getting that whole “subliminal mind control” thing to work its magic.

This year? We passed out Halloween candy. We’re clearly trying to break the curve people! Sugar messes with you brain, right? It’s midterm season-I need all the help I can get!

9. Spend all night in the library studying. Which is what I’ll actually be doing. The struggle is real my friends. 


At least I have a friendly face to keep me company!

Have a great Halloween everyone!

Are you dressing up? What are you doing for Halloween?

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  1. Shawn @ Fruity 'N' Nutty

    Haha, these ideas are great! Love the halloween inspired workouts and look forward to your weekly workout posts. Happy Halloween Aurora!!!

    1. Aurora

      Happy Halloween to you too!

  2. Matt @ Runner Savvy

    Happy halloween! Nothing special for me tonight,

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