Hey guys! As I’m sure you know, I’m in Hawaii! I hope you are enjoying the fabulous guest posts! I don’t want to do a TON of vacation recaps so I’m going to stick to some of the highlights of the activities, food, and workouts. 

The first night I went to a luau with my family. I showed you guys some of the delicious food in WIAW. I wanted to highlight some of the other cool non-food things as well though. 

ImageTiki carver!

This luau had some of the best dance performances as well-there was humor integrated as well as some really impressive fire dancing. During one part, the dancers (men) put out fires with their grass skirts. Ouch.

ImageCheck out that aerial dancer-how impressive is that??

Sunday morning began with a 6 mile run. It was…not terribly fun. hot. I had been on my feet a lot the day before-it didn’t feel great. I’m SO not used to heat and humidity. I’m pushing this week’s long run back until I’m home!

The activity of the day was zipling-something DEFINITELY new to me!

ImageWe went to the Maui tropical plantation-somewhere we’ve visited many times in the past. The zipline was new to us though! It was really terrifying at first-we were up high and it was windy so the whole tower was moving. We were hooked in the whole time though, so it was totally safe. It ended up being a ton of fun!

The tropical plantation was beautiful as well.

ImageImageImageImageMy favorite day overall was probably Wednesday though. It began with a visit to Lahaina Crossfit. They were so friendly and welcoming. I met a few other visitors from California as well, and it was fun to visit a different box. Plus, it felt so good to get a tough workout in. ImageSooo now this vacation is turning into a game of “how many Crossfit boxes can I visit on one trip.” Tomorrow we’re touring a pineapple plantation in the middle of nowhere, in a tiny town, and there just happens to be a box there. So you better believe I’ll be there before the tour!

On Wednesday, while in Lahaina, we visited a pet/plant store. Let me start by saying that I’ve been to this same store a few times when I was much younger, and those visits are precisely why I stopped eating pork. 

ImageOMG TEACUP PIGS. They are sooo adorable. I’ve wanted one as a pet for years. Since we had been in the store for kind of a while playing with birds, the owner of the store let me sit in with the pigs and feed them from my hand.

ImageThey were so sweet! They behaved just like dogs- they had wet little snouts and made little snorting noises.

ImageThey eat an entirely vegan, organic diet. 

The birds were super friendly as well. This guy-Prince, is 27 and has never bitten anyone. ImageAnother parrot was so funny-my mom and I would say “hello” to her, and she’d say hello back. When my dad said hello to her, she let out the LOUDEST squawk right in his ear, and then proceeded to laugh. A girl after my own heart.

ImageI don’t want this to get too long, so I’ll stick to those activities for now. But since this is supposed to be a food blog as well, I guess I should add some of those as well.

ImageHalf of a chicken teriyaki plate (shared with my mom).

ImageThis is my dad’s-it has pork so I wouldn’t eat it-but I wanted to share it with you since it’s a traditional Hawaiian dish, and my dad’s favorite food ever. It’s called lau lau- it’s pork wrapped with ti leaves. 

ImagePineapple ice cream with an oatmeal papaya cookie. This was soooo good. The cookie was PERFECTLY chewy. Yum. 

ImageDo you see the SIZE of this avocado? We don’t make ’em like that in CA! That makes a LOT of guac! While these are definitely fun, the California ones still have my heart. The island variety is a little starchier and less flavorful-definitely less creamy. It was a little hard to mash, and made for some chunky guac. We paired it with a nice salad-chicken, salsa, cheddar. The dressing was olive oil and lime juice, plus salt and pepper. Yum!

Sooo I guess I don’t have NEARLY as many fruit pictures as I thought when I named this post…but don’t worry-lots of tropical fruit is being consumed. Mangoes, papayas, passion fruit, coconut, and guavas. 🙂 I can’t complain!

Have you ever been to Hawaii? What did you do there? What should I EAT here?

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  1. katalysthealth

    Hawaii has always been one of my favorite places. Ive been there twice, once for nationals for soccer and once for my honey moon 🙂 Its just so peaceful and beautiful there!

    1. Aurora

      I love it! The scenery is amazing as well.

  2. Miranda @ Miranda Runs

    That looks like such a fun trip!! Christian and I want to go to Maui for our honeymoon so it’s fun seeing posts like this! Even though (I think?) you’re not in Maui, it’s okay! PS the placement of that avocado in that last picture is actually kind of humorous…. 😉

    1. Aurora

      I’m in Maui! And haha I noticed that…but I still loved the picture so I had to post it!

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