Hey! I’m currently in Hawaii, but I have some seriously awesome guest posts planned for you guys! I’ll let Holly take it from here 🙂


Hey everyone! First off a big THANK YOU! to Aurora for letting me guest-post on her blog while she is off on vacation basking in the sunshine (not that I’m jealous or anything). My name is Holly, and I am a Canadian running & coffee obsessed chick from Vancouver Island. I am here with a fun little post with five reasons why it is FUN to be on the RUN.

No, I’m not talkin’ on the run from authorities, responsibilities, the dishes, etc. Sorry, those rules still remain. I’m talking about why it’s fun to lace up your shoes and hit the pavement (or the treadmill).

  1. The almighty endorphin rush: It’s no lie that the runner’s high will keep you going back time and time again. Sure, it may hurt the first time, but once you realize how far you ran, how fast, etc, you will be addicted to that euphoric feeling!
  2. Cute shoes: Yes, I run for the cute shoes as well as those endorphins. One of the best things about taking part in a sport is being able to wear the gear for it, and running shoes are definitely my favourite piece. Plus, I’m a sucker for pink!Image

  3. The swag: One thing about entering a running race (especially longer distances like a half marathon or full marathon) is that you can get some pretty awesome race swag, whether it’s a medal (bling bling!) or a t-shirt.  You may even get both! There’s nothing better than showing off your race shirt or your medal and listening to people’s shocked reactions. “You ran HOW far!? WHAT? Are you crazy in the brain!?” Why yes, yes I am. Crazy and looking like a rockstar with my medal.Image

    4. Carb Loading: Nothing better than loadin’ up on spaghetti before a race. As a runner, you can use the excuse “I’m carb loading!” on the reg. While it is a bit easy to over indulge in not-so-healthy carbs (my weakness is CANDY!), loading up on the good stuff will be more beneficial for your body.Image

    5. Recovery: On the same note as cute running shoes, one of my favourite post-half marathon rituals is throwing on my compression socks to help my muscles recover. Nothing like that squeezy feeling on your tired calves as you hang out at home (or walk around the mall with them hidden by jeans). You can find compression socks in so many colours, and I do honestly believe they help relieve pain and soreness after a hard race or training run!Image

    What’s your number ONE reason why you love to run? Thanks for reading folks!

    Xoxo Holly 

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