Hey guys! I’ve kind of been a rut all day. It could be the impending end of summer. Or it could be an overdose on carbs…Either way, I don’t have a ton for you guys today, but I DID finally get around to posting on my little local fitness blog. Confession-the guilt of not posting in a week or two was getting to me. 


Either way, I did a post on “fitness hacks”- you know, ways to sneak in exercise, and quick exercise ideas for people with a busy lifestyle. If you want to see it in print, check it out here

Otherwise, read on and see it right here on the ol’ blog. Have a great day everyone, and here’s to hoping tomorrow is a good one. Kittens first thing in the morning shouldn’t hurt that one bit 😉

Many people claim they have no time to exercise, but I don’t believe that. Anyway can squeeze in five minutes a day, enough to make significant changes for both physical health and stress. Here are some five minute workouts:


Pick five different exercises and do each for one minute. An example workout would be one minute each of squats, push ups, sit ups, jumping squats, and lunges. 


Run around the block for five minutes. Simple, yet effective. 


Check out a workout video on youtube- search “five minute abs” and you are sure to find something to get that heart rate up and those abs burning.


Turn on your favorite song and dance around for five minutes.


If you are still not convinced you can spare five minutes of your time, or if you would like to sneak in some extra fitness, there are plenty of ways to do that as well. 


Do wall sits while brushing your teeth. To perform a wall sit, “sit” against the wall, as if in a chair, with your back flat against the wall. Your legs ideally would be parallel to the ground. Brushing teeth should take two minutes, twice a day. That’s four minutes of strength training right there! Work on building up your endurance-I’m sure your teeth will have never looked better!


While grocery shopping, park at the far end of the lot. Make yourself carry heavy grocery bags a little farther, or walk several extra laps around the lot.


Instead of reading a book, get the audiobook and take it on a walk around the neighborhood. This is a new favorite activity of mine!


While watching TV, do jumping jacks during the commercials.


Instead of walking around the house, do lunges around the house.


There are so many ways to sneak exercise into your daily routines! 

For additional workouts, you can check out the Workouts page on my blog.

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