So as I was laying around reading blogs, it occurred to me that I should probably post something…I think I wrote yesterday’s post a little ahead of time so I feel like I’m out of my normal habits! Plus, this is the first day this week that I didn’t have to get up before 6:30 for one reason or another (workout, workout, babysitting, kitten nursery). Sooo yesterday I talked about my plan to try a week of Paleo to try and figure out my food sensitivities…I decided to start that today. (Hence part of the eek). But first. here’s one of my last non-Paleo eats:
Kefir, cereal, blueberries, sunflower seed butter. I think I want to try coconut milk yogurt, because I have a feeling I’m going to miss yogurt like crazy. 
Vegetable soup and gluten free bread.
Lazy girl’s blueberry crisp: blueberries topped with a premade crisp topping-all you have to do is add butter, it is just oats, cinnamon, brown sugar, etc. Microwaved because I’m lazy, and topped with a little frozen yogurt because I like yogurt. 

Let my outline for you guys what the next week will look like-I’m not going to be ridiculously strict-I have no problem eating beans and legumes because I have no issues with them. A touch of dairy here or there may happen. And I have no idea what I can eat before/during my long run that would qualify (help?). 

Speaking of my long run…this Sunday is 8 miles. I may have run 8 miles once before. The stupid little Nike chip I got that goes in my shoes and works with my iPod is really off (and that was what I was training with last summer). My longest run last summer registered at over 8 miles, but I don’t exactly believe that. So eek. Other problem-I currently have a bloody blister. Not really sure what happened. My blister from last week was doing so well and not bothered me, but this morning, all of the sudden it is bleeding? Huh? I really hoping it feels a lot better…And I’m still not 100% sure WHERE I’ll be running…
Maybe here?

So if anyone has any tips…also I have no idea which shoes I want to wear, or how to keep my toe from hurting. Maybe you guys can help with this-I finally figured out why my toes hurt/go numb. When I run, Im landing on a nerve right at the base of my index toes. I can kind of tap on the spot and feel it, which explains why I feel like I’m hitting my funny bone in my toe when I run. Runners…? 

One thing about half marathon training though-it has made me sooo glad I didn’t sign up for a full marathon. 6 miles is hard. Add 20 more miles? No thank you. I have so much respect for all those marathon runners! Given my feet are falling apart after my 6 mile run!

In other fun happenings, I played in a slowpitch game last night!
Mmmm not quite that serious…
It was fun though! I loved being back out there-although adjusting to the pitches was kind of rough…I was so early on everything when I was hitting! Add in the fact that it has been almost a year since I swung a bat (geez how crazy is that?)…I still did pretty well though! I got at least 2 hits! This also reminded me how much more sane I am when I am playing a sport. Why does my school not have club softball??
And tonight, guess what I’m doing?
Giant’s game! SO PUMPED!
Gee, I seriously need to organize these posts better. Come back tomorrow for my Dirty Thirty workout! I have my guinea pigs coming to help my try it out today 🙂
Runners-any tips??

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  1. Brittany @ DulceVie

    I think they have runners socks that are suppose to help with blisters that are from running. I haven’t had to buy them yet.. but I have a feeling I will soon. My heels are developing blisters on them now! I totally feel your pain on increasing distance. I have running 6 miles for most of this week and it really tires me out! After one of my runs, I sat down and then realized that my half marathon will be a little more than twice that distance. Yeah, I’m in for some trouble.. oh well. Tomorrow is suppose to be harder though.. darn. Somehow my (rowing) coach expects me to go balls to the walls during a 2 x 10k (running or erging). 1) I think that rowing a 6k is exhausting enough 2) Running one 10k a day has been more than enough. Sigh. I’m going to be one tired girl tomorrow.

    1. Aurora

      Man, I thought 2x6k was death! Good luck! I suppose it will eventually get easier?

  2. Matt @ The Athlete's Plate

    Try doing a Whole30. It’s rough, but it will completely blow your mind about how you look at food.

    1. Aurora

      I’ve been wanting to but I’m kind if scared! Maybe after I’ve gotten a little more accustomed to paleo!

  3. Alyssa @ Road to RD

    I love Kefir! It’s a little pricey though, but oh so good!

    1. Aurora

      Why is all health food pricey??

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