Hello everyone! I had my first Bikram experience today! But first, let’s work our way up until that point. I began the morning by scarfing down a protein bar before an abs class at the gym. Oh how I have missed this class! I’m pretty sure my core got weaker during school only because I didn’t go to this class. I followed that with a fairly quick workout in the weight room: 2×5 minutes on the rowing machine, then back lunges/lunge jumps, single leg RDLs/heel raises 3 ways, and weighted plank (a 35 lb plate on my back). Upon arriving home, I made myself some chai tea and began hydrating like crazy in preparation for yoga.
Since the yoga studio’s website recommended not eating within 3-4 hours of taking the class, a meal wasn’t exactly an option. 

Then, I picked up my yoga friend and drove down to Mountain View Bikram Yoga. If you’re in the area and looking to try hot yoga, they have an awesome deal where you get a 10 day pass for only $20 if it is your first time at the studio! The atmosphere of the studio was very welcoming. The instructor introduced herself to us and gave us an overview of what to expect in the class. The class was heated to 95 degrees. She explained that the Bikram classes are a series of 26 poses, and each class follows the same sequence. Then, we were ready to go in!

My first impression was that it was HOT. I tried to tell myself “hey, I’ve played softball in much hotter temperatures!” My biggest advice for first timers-don’t let it get in your head. If all you are thinking about is how hot it is, you will feel like you are suffocating. Focus on the integrity of the poses, and do what you can. Also-it felt much cooler closer to the ground. 

The first half of the class was standing poses, and the second half was on the ground, and much slower. Given my lack of flexibility, I generally like the ground poses because they really stretch me out. 

Also, the instructor turned the heat up at the end of the class, which I was definitely feeling. 

My overall opinion? It wasn’t life changing, which is kind of what I was expecting. At the same time, I did survive. I think my friend and I are planning to go back, although this wasn’t my favorite type of yoga. I like power or vinyasa yoga better-the poses and sequences are just better for me. I think my favorite is power yoga in a somewhat heated room (80-85), when it is just heated enough to make me more flexible. 

I had a good experience, and this was an awesome yoga studio. I don’t think I’d make this a regular part of my yoga practice, but that’s not because of the studio or my experience-it just isn’t exactly my thing. 

After class, my friend and I planned to drive down to my college and hang out in the fountains (I swear this is a normal thing! The fountains are even chlorinated!). I promptly turned in the wrong direction, and didn’t realize it until I was a few cities away. On the plus side, we passed a Panera Bread once and decided to stop in driving back past it. 

I ordered the Fiji Chicken salad, with a piece of whole grain bread. Yum!
We arrived on campus and decided that frozen yogurt sounded just about right after our hot experience. 
After our yogurt, the wind picked up and we nixed the fountain idea and just lounged around in the shade (because I burn sooo easily). It was so nice to catch up! We left just in time to beat most of the rush hour traffic, and then it was dinnertime!

I made Jenn‘s Baked Falafel.
I put my on top of a Greek style salad, complete with garlic hummus and Tzitziki sauce. Did you know Fage (the green yogurt brand) makes the sauce? It was good too!
The Falafel were delicious, and it was a perfect meal to have with my vegetarian sister home!

For dessert, I filled a glass with cereal, kefir, sunflower seed butter, and blueberries. 
And now, I’m settled down watching the Giant’s game. It’s sad how much I missed during the school year!

Have you ever done Bikram? What are your thoughts on it?

6 comments on “My First Time at Bikram

  1. Miranda @ Miranda Runs

    I did vinyasa hot yoga. Much quicker pace in a 95-105 degree room! Now that was a challenge!!

    1. Aurora

      Man I can’t even imagine!

  2. Alyssa @ Road to RD

    That’s some good lookin’ food you’ve got there! There’s so many different types of yoga, I’m sure you’ll find one that you’re really in love with!

    1. Aurora

      Yeah I think bikram just wasn’t for me! I much prefer power or vinyasa.

    1. Aurora

      Me too! It’s the best!

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