Hey guys! Happy WIAW! Thanks a lot to Jenn for posting, as always!


First, what’s up with this being a running blog now? Haha, I feel like that is all I have been posting about lately! More on that in a minute. Some of you may remember way back in the day when this was more of a rowing blog! I started this blog during rowing training camp, so for the whole 10 days, the posts are pretty much:”We ate. We rowed for 2 hours. We ate again. We rowed again. We ate. We ran 6 miles.” etc…So in that spirit, more on running in a bit! First some delicious food. 

After frying my brain in a 3 hour chem final, an amazing salad and frozen yogurt were necessary fuel to motivate me to study for my next exam.ImageImageI LOVE FROZEN YOGURT.

My last breakfast at the dining hall of the school year!ImageI’m cool and I eat french toast from a bowl. But that way the syrup stays separate and doesn’t drench it.Image

And then, FINALLY SUMMER! Yay!

After my final, it was packing time. It took me about an hour to move out, after I was pretty much already packed. Seeing an empty room was so weird!ImageYeah, I have a lot of stuff…ImageAnd last dining hall meal of the year! Plus, since I had to thaw out the freezer, helping my roommate eat her frozen baked good was kind of a necessity. 

And then….HOME! Home is where the heart is? Pshh. I disagree. Home is where the cats are. Image

And the first thing I do when I get home? I raid the pantry. This is what I found for a snack:ImageThese things are so good! I’ve gotten single serving packs from whole foods before in different flavors, but these are from Costco, so there’s no messing around with a wimpy single serving!

And then it was time to run. Last night I pumped myself up for a really good run today-on the treadmill. First, I want to thank all you guys so much for your advice and encouragement on running! I decided I would go at a good pace on the treadmill and just push through- after all, no matter how bad it was, it could not possibly be as bad as a 6k test (this is a test for rowers-it is 6k as fast as possible and it is basically torture. Like the worst thing ever. Seriously). 

So I went out there today and had a really, really great run. I seriously could not have done it without you guys! I was thinking about you all during the entire run (as well as counting down every .01, and calculating how much I had left-1/50 down, 1/25 down). I busted out 3 miles in 24:27. This went way beyond my hopes- I am sooo happy with this! I can’t remember the last time I ran 3 miles this fast! I guess that’s what a day off, plus ton of foam rolling will do for you! So thank you all SOSOSOSO much, your comments seriously motivated me!


Post run happiness.

And after my run, it was straight to yoga! This was much needed. It’s been far too long since I’ve gone to yoga. I think it should help my tight legs as well. Image

And now for my first home cooked meal! Turkey burgers in a lettuce wrap, with homemade ketchup from this recipe, sweet potato fries, and brussels sprouts. 

After dinner, we had some frozen cookie dough we were planning on getting rid of because no one was a huge fan, but I wanted to see if you could microwave frozen cookie dough and get a decent result. The answer? YES.Image

If I have learned anything from this past year of college, it is that you can make anything in the microwave. That and the many varieties of mold found on old food (oops). 

And to celebrate summer, I had a small slice of my frozen birthday cake!Image

Sooo sleeping in on my first morning of summer? I’m still trying to decide how insane I am, and whether or not I want to go to a 5:45 am spin class. 

In other news, my first Crossfit class is on Thursday! SO excited!ImageWhat is your favorite thing about summer?

14 comments on “WIAW-SUMMER

  1. thirdlifeby18

    French toast in a bowl=genius

  2. Kaitlin

    Oh all those meals look so good! I’m excited to hang out with my sister and hopefully get some more working out in. I love having a casual Sunday night dinner with my family where we hang out by the pool and then grill something.

    1. Aurora

      Summer is the best!

  3. NDBalances

    costco has freeze-dried edamame?! i. must. try. i found chia seeds there the other day, only $14 for 2 lbs!

    1. Aurora

      Wow! I’ll have to check that out!

  4. Alyssa @ Road to RD

    Your food looks delicious! I love the idea of French toast in a bowl for extra syrup soaking 😀

  5. Jess

    I would love if you could do your freshman year recap. I’m a hs senior going to college in August and would love to hear about the good and bad things – apart from just health and fitness. Love your blog! Thanks!!

    1. Aurora

      I can definitely do that!

  6. Leana Giddens

    Yay! You got an amazing run in & >>yoga<< 🙂 ! I am excited to hear about your progression too, very motivating! 🙂 I went on a run today even though I felt so pewped from working, just a nice 2.5 miler and oh I felt soo invigorated afterwards! And those brussel sprouts on your plate… man I've been addicted to them lately O_o …I bet it feels amazing being home. That is one thing I miss since I moved when I got married, being able to drive to my parents :-< The comfort of a cat paradise (my parents' place is the same lol). As for summer.. since I live in so cal where it's almost always clear blue sky… I'd say I love the actual warmth in the air that comes with it, especially at night. It opens up so many more doors to do things & keeps me outside more!

    1. Aurora

      I absolutely love Brussels sprouts! Yay that you got a good run in-I love it when our bodies surprise us!

  7. Amanda

    I went to the same school you do (I graduated last year) and all your photos are bringing back such good memories. I trained for a couple half marathons in undergrad (including the Nike Women’s Half in SF) and I can’t tell you how lucky you are to go to school with running trails on campus–there’s so much to discover! Congrats on finishing your first year–it just gets more fun from there 🙂

    1. Aurora

      I definitely am lucky! Plus, the weather is perfect for running pretty much all of the time! Do you have any trails that you would recommend?

      1. Amanda

        My favorite is a bike path that connects campus with Los Altos. It’s mostly in the shade so it doesn’t get too hot, and there’s always interesting things to see (last time I saw a donkey!) There’s also the path that goes along the creek behind the Oak Creek apartments, the “castle” behind the Dish, and the small hill by the old facebook headquarters with an amazing view. If you have a car, there’s a bunch of paths that go along the bay, although they’re really sunny (there’s also some bike underpasses to get there if you prefer.) The running club website has a bunch of other recommendations if you haven’t checked it out already.

        1. Aurora

          Thank you so much! These paths are definitely new to me!

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