Hey guys! I have a busy day (well, I have a lot of work) so I’m going to go through this post quickly. My morning started with spin…it’s been seriously kicking my butt lately!

For breakfast, I had some Greek yogurt with some sunflower seed butter and half of a Morning Glory muffin, which my fabulous mother made and delivered to me yesterday. They are Paleo, and only have 1 tablespoon of honey in the whole batch! ImageI was so tired this morning. I seriously need to get more sleep. I took 3 mini naps, which were glorious. After mini-nap #1 was lunch. Nothing special; microwave egg scramble with spinach, leftover onion (from our guacamole party), salsa, and nutritional yeast. 

ImageToday I decided to make some changes in my routine and life. Ok, not that dramatic. But I am seriously trying to improve my intuitive and mindful eating. This means deciding if I’m REALLY hungry, not eating past being full, and deciding if treats are REALLY worth it. Part of this was to stop eating as a habit. My worst habit? Eating the second I walk into my dorm room. I’m trying to redirect my habits, so here’s what I did today. 

Started off with a big cup of water; I feel like I always need to be drinking!Image

Then, I saw my knitting project on the shelf that I started in January and haven’t touched since. I turned on some tunes and was ready to form new habits!ImageIt actually turned out to be a great way to relax and unwind from the day. I really enjoyed myself. 

After nap #3, I started doing some of my reading and headed to dinner. ImageThe food wasn’t terrible today; I’ll take it!

And since I never show you my fruit…ImageAnother highlight of my day included a tour of my professor’s lab, and a discussion about his research on genetics. 

Have a great week!

What do you think about intuitive eating? Do you do it?

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