Happy Pi Day everyone! Do you guys celebrate this holiday? It’s well worth it! I really haven’t celebrated it enough. Back in high school/middle school we got pie in math class maybe once or twice. This year though, I wanted to rock it! I will get to the recipe in a bit, and it’s a keeper. Did I mention it is 3 ingredients?

Taking us back to yesterday. Breakfast was scrambled eggs with leftover mushroom artichoke dip again, but this time with an Asian pear from Costco. LOVE. Image

Lunch was also from Costco: Afghan food. Pumpkin Bolani plus sauces. ImageI first tried these at my local farmer’s market. The vendors are so friendly and push tons of samples at you! I’ve also found them at Whole Foods, and a couple of other local grocery stores. They’re definitely worth a try! I like the Spinach Bolani as well. 

Class yesterday actually ended early, since it was the last class of the quarter. We are going on a field trip to the farmer’s market this Sunday! I also found out that my sister has mono. What are the odds? Ok, you’d think they’d be pretty high since she is my sister, but I’ve seen her once this quarter, way before I could have caught it. It must be seriously going around! Anyways, since she’s in the sore throat stage, she wanted to go to Wildberry for frozen yogurt on our way out. Well if you twist my arm….ImageI tried the tart mango that time, which was so good! All their flavors are awesome! And here’s some more exciting news! When I got home, I laced up my running shoes for my first “workout.” I put that in quotations because that is a gross exaggeration. I did lunges up my street. But to be fair, it’s not THAT short. And it’s straight uphill. And then I ran maybe a block to see how it felt. It was interesting; I was expecting to be much weaker, but I actually wasn’t too bad. But I got out of breath super quickly. But at least exertion doesn’t send me into a coughing fit anymore! And hey, I’m sore today so I’ll take it! But I see lots of Spinning in my future. I’m not allowed to lift weights for a while, since my organs might still be in danger of bursting. I’m itching to lift though! I keep drooling over peoples Crossfit workouts on blogs! I am getting blood tests tomorrow though to see if I’m my liver and spleen are more normal (i.e. find out if I can start running into things again). 

Dinner yesterday was a Teriyaki Chicken burrito, from the same place. I’ve never gotten this in burrito form before. ImageLet me just say, I am not a burrito person. I’ve had one maybe twice before. And kind of embarrassed myself while eating it (it’s not normal to stab it with a knife and eat the insides out?). I’m not sure what motivated me to try this. My tastes have still been a little strange since getting sick. My evaluation? Way better in taco form. In this, the filling wasn’t uniform, and there was too much tortilla and cheese. 

Not too many good pictures of eats from earlier today. I had my last class of the quarter today, and afterwards my sister begged to get frozen yogurt again. I swear, NOT my choice!ImageI’ve had frozen yogurt AT LEAST the last 5 days. This is kind of embarrassing. But I swear that was my last opportunity for a while! Now on to the more interesting eats! For dinner, I wanted to make use of the leftover turkey chili. I based the idea for this meal off of a recipe in the Abs Diet cookbook, which is a taco salad, but I topped it with chili instead of taco meat. Into the salad went corn and avocado. The dressing was a mixture of tomatoes, olive oil, lime juice, salt and pepper. Then, the salad was topped with chili and some fat free cheddar. It came out great!Image

And now for the best part of this post! Pi(e)! Last night when I realized today was Pi Day, I decided I wanted to celebrate. At the same time though, I was concerned with how high my sugar intake has been lately, so I wanted to have something lower sugar. Enter 15 minute pie. Image

I made individual pies. The crust is made of crescent role dough which we had hanging out in the fridge. It’s just the Pillsbury kind. I actually really enjoyed this as the crust, it was a lot more interesting than normal pie crust! The filling was simply frozen blueberries heated up in the microwave (although I did make 2 cherry pies). Blueberries are so sweet naturally that they really don’t need extra sugar in the filling! Simply line muffin tins with crescent role dough, fill with fruit filling, and cover (or not) with more dough. I sprinkled a little course raw sugar on top for a pretty finish. Then just follow the cooking instructions on the package (mine was for 15 minutes), and enjoy! These would be great with a little frozen yogurt (no kidding) or vanilla ice cream. And here is the beautiful process:ImagePre-oven

ImagePost-ovenImageAnd here’s the inside of a cherry pie! The cherry pies were neater because I kept out the extra juice, but they were also drier. I enjoyed the blueberry pies more, but that’s just because I like blueberries more! In the future, I would make these with muffin liners just to make the taking out process a little neater. These would be great with other fruits too! Well, as long as the fruits are fairly sweet naturally. I can’t wait to try apple, and maybe a little later in the summer, peach! I hope you enjoy this super easy recipe!

Did you celebrate Pi Day? What is your favorite kind of pie?

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