It’s kind of strange to write 2 posts basically back to back. Well, here’s today!

I woke up at 6:30. Ugh, this definitely wasn’t enough sleep. I went to bed kind of late because I was working on my paper. I grabbed a few bites of my peanut butter protein bar from the freezer. I really love having this just hanging out in my freezer. It’s really nice to be able to grab a few bites of something quickly. Plus, Since I was erging soon after waking, I didn’t want a full piece of quick bread. My erg workout was a little bit frustrating. My legs felt pretty tired right away. It’s frustrating because I feel like I’m not getting any better, and my pace is slower. But then I have to remember that these are new and different types of workouts, and I’ve only really been doing them on this schedule since, oh I don’t know, last week! I’m a little concerned the slower times are a result of all my indulgences over the holidays though. 

After my erg was a 40 minute run. My legs were pretty shot at the beginning, which I wasn’t exactly expecting. I stopped to stretch a couple of times at the beginning, and about halfway through the run I had recovered significantly. I ended up turning back a little sooner than planned so I could make it back in time for my 10 am. Image

This morning I was running super late, and I had to decide between a shower and a good breakfast. Guess which one I chose? I wanted something filling (but not heavy!) for breakfast because I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to eat until later, and this guy kept me full for 6 hours! So what’s in that? Well, not vanilla for starters. Normally I add a ton of vanilla, which totally makes the dish. I spent a good 5-10 minutes searching for my vanilla, and I absolutely could not find it. I was sooo mad. But the dish was delicious anyways! I added a bit more cinnamon to compensate (more on that later). Along with cinnamon was a banana, egg beaters (egg whites), unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and pieces of torn up whole wheat bread. Plus a nice dollop of peanut butter! When I actually have all the ingredients, and have time to measure it out, I’ll be sure to post the recipe!

But back to the cinnamon idea. I was sitting in class today contemplating my delicious breakfast when it occurred to me: could I recreate the delicious goodness that is buttered cinnamon raisin toast, but in a marginally healthy way? And could I make it into a french toast bake? I have high hopes for this one guys.  It’s definitely something I need to experiment with!

I had a full day of classes, basically straight from 10-3. After class, I came home and chopped up an apple, coated it with cinnamon, and popped it in the microwave.Image

Plus a little peanut butter? SO GOOD. This is one of the best non-dessert desserts. It’s also really good with almond butter, but I didn’t want to open a whole packet of Justin’s almond butter just for a small bit.  Like the peanut butter apple combo? Make this. Peanut butter apple crisp. Plus, it’s microwaveable! I liked it but didn’t love it the first time, but it certainly grows on you! Here’s my picture from the first time I made it:Image

And it’s super healthy: no sugar! Make this! You won’t be sorry! It is a great snack too!

Ok, off to yoga! More later!

This morning, I had big plans for breakfast. It’s my modification on Tina‘s French Toast Breakfast Scramble. I call it my Microwave French Toast Bake!

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