California <3 and Trying to Return to Real Life

The fires raging through California right now are absolutely breaking my heart. Thankfully I am in a safe area, but many others are not so fortunate. The smokey air here is the worst because I know that it means people’s homes and lives are burning. Napa feels like a home away from home for me; I have spent every Thanksgiving there for the last, probably 15+ years. The neighborhoods I see on the news burning are what I have run through every year for the past 10 years.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 7.59.52 PM

^Some happy memories of Napa.

For now, I’m trying to go through my week as I can, but knowing what is going on a few counties over is hard.

On that note, I do want to recap my past week with Chloe, before all of this started.

Chloe and I spent the week walking and studying, thanks to a Friday test. She was clearly super helpful.

IMG_0266_2 IMG_5931 IMG_5936 IMG_5947 IMG_5934

We went to school (her FAVORITE thing ever apparently. She was super excited to walk in.) late in the evenings to study in the study rooms, and it was so nice to have a companion! I also re-listened to some lectures I was unclear on while walking her, which was super helpful.


One morning, I took her to school to walk along the trail out back. On our way back to the vet school, she spotted some interesting things.

IMG_5964 IMG_5966 IMG_5970

Chloe sees her first alpaca!

Chloe and Rina got along quite well together this time as well.


When everyone wants on my lap!


I have a cat AND a dog on my lap!


In terms of my food for the week, Sunday before Chloe came I made a big pot of garlic ginger chicken veggie soup (with zucchini of course), which made for quick lunches when I had to dart home and let Chloe out between classes.


Mr. Pickles turkey and avocado on a GF wrap when my mom dropped my girl off:


Lemon garlic zucchini noodles with mozzarella and chicken, and a friend.


The same but with mushrooms:


One of my favorite fall breakfasts: cottage cheese, apple, and sunbutter.


Wednesday tamale with a side salad:


I ordered GF cookies online, and the maple was my favorite!


Zucchini traditionally: with marinara and mozzarella, plus a side of avo toast.


Other fav fall breakfast: plain yogurt, pumpkin butter, sunbutter.


And a new use of zucchini! Mexican-style. I seasoned my noodles with smokey seasoning blend, then stirred in Harvest Salsa (from Trader Joe’s), grilled chicken, and cheese.


Finally, another fall combo: cottage cheese, pumpkin butter, sunbutter.