I haven’t done a full day of eating in a while, so I thought I would do that today! I’m actually off to Denver tomorrow morning for my sister’s bachelorette party (that I was mostly in charge of planning), so I wanted to pop in early quickly and share!

I took the morning off and made myself a chocolate banana smoothie, and half a piece of GF bread with sunbutter.


Mid-morning, I took Chloe for a walk.


After our walk, I had a cup of Blueprint decaf from the beans I brought back from St. Louis!


The main event of the day was going to tea with my high school friend and her mom with my mom. I haven’t seen her mom in a long time, so we all had tons to chat about! The tea room was absolutely adorable.

IMG_4904 IMG_4905

Even better, they had great gluten free options (GF crumpet…what??)

My mom and I split a full tea, and got decaf mango black tea.


Here’s our tea service: fruit, GF blueberry scone with Devonshire cream and jam, salad, and tea sandwiches. We chose artichoke hummus and pear stilton sandwiches.

GF crumpet:


And for dessert, sea salt caramel truffle.


This was seriously such a great pre-vet school sendoff. These are great people, and I’m lucky to have known them for 12 (!) years now!

IMG_4912 IMG_4914

We ended up there for almost 3 hours! II had enough time to relax just a bit before heading to Crossfit.


^I was surprised to walk out of my room to find these two hanging out together.

The Crossfit WOD was tons of front squats and hand release push ups.

For dinner, I requested a lighter salad after all the carbs! We made a caesar salad using Bolthouse Farms yogurt-based Caesar dressing. We topped it with grilled chicken and parmesan crisps. On the side, we had roasted purple sweet potatoes.


For dessert, I had half a piece of double chocolate cranberry bread and a skinny cow froyo bar.

IMG_4918 IMG_4919

So…since I’m about to leave, I’m realizing I have a ton to eat from the freezer before I go so I’ve been doing double desserts the last couple of days. Dessert #2 was leftover birthday cake from the freezer.


For the record…I think this was a little too much dessert for me. But gotta clean out that freezer!

Overall, a fun day. The countdown to vet school continues!