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New Uses of Zucchini+Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Hello! Random Monday night blog post because I am TIRED. I was going to get ahead on some work, but my brain isn’t quite where it needs to be in terms of functioning. Since it’s not too late, I figured I’d pop in here and share some adventures.

I think we left off on Friday.


I had a BBQ after class (black bean burger), and afterwards all I wanted to do was drink lots of water, eat a chocolate chip cookie, and hang out on the couch. And that’s exactly what I did.


I went to Nugget market that evening, which was the local competitor that drove Whole Foods out of business here. It looks identical to Whole Foods inside.

Saturday, I did a high ropes course. So, so not my thing but we all know I’m all about character building. I did some things, and certainly not other. I scaled a tree and jumped off a very high ledge (with a harness) which I did not enjoy at all, but I”m glad I did.

21032636_10208764467143149_4633737275050757338_n 21034734_10208764590986245_559436153776406017_n

After the redwoods, this is what I came home to:


Hah. If only I knew what was to come.

For dinner, I had a simple veggie burger, kale and nutritional yeast salad, and microwaved sweet potato with cheese.


After pushing myself and exhausting my adrenaline stores, plus spending all day outside, ice cream was necessary. I’m currently loving the chocolate Halo Top+sunbutter combo.


The fun part about Saturday was we were dog sitting an Aussie. We all know I have a soft spot for Aussies. It’s crazy how similar their mannerisms are!

IMG_5281 IMG_5284

Sunday morning, my friend from back home visited me with her pup. She came early, because of the projected scorching temperature. He got so big!

IMG_5287 IMG_5289

We went out to brunch and coffee, and then walked around downtown before it got too hot. For my meal, I had a delicious spinach frittata with swiss cheese and avocado.


After she left, I planted myself inside as the temperature was climbing well over 100. I decided to try out a new use of zucchini. Have you ever made those 2 ingredient cookies, with a mashed banana and oats? Well, I had an idea. I’ve had GF maple brown sugar oatmeal for a while, and I rarely eat oatmeal. I thought I would try that in cookies.

I mixed together one mashed ripe banana, one grated zucchini, and 2 packets of the oatmeal. I formed them into cookies, and baked for 12 minutes at 350.


The final result was delicious, and actually a really good texture! I packed some for a school snack today.


In the early evening, I headed to the gym for a short workout. I want to keep up with my squatting. I took a break from my squat program, but I’ve been doing some other squat-based strength building since. I’m planning on starting it again soon, with the goal of maintaining strength. When I left for the gym, this was the situation:


I warmed up with slow descending back squats, then did 8 minutes of 2 squats every 30 seconds. I used a moderate weight. Enough that the volume made it difficult, but I still got good depth. Then I did a few sets of single leg squats and pistols, and finished with some abs. In and out in 40ish minutes!

I stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way home and picked up a citrus chicken salad for dinner, plus some cheese puffs. I try to limit impulse buys to one item per trip, and I have sure been enjoying these since!


Right as I was finishing dinner, things started to go south.






We lost power, along with the entire neighborhood. It quickly started getting hot and dark, with no end to the outage in sight. When I attempted to go to bed (it was SUPER warm), the projected time the power was supposed to return was the next morning at 10am!

THANKFULLY, it came on just before midnight and the cool air was restored. Also thankfully, I did all my classwork ahead of time before I lost power and therefore wifi!

Monday morning, I went for an early run and then ate a yogurt bowl with blackberries, honey, and sunbutter. I’m trying to eat more fruit (plus hydration), so I had some pineapple on the side.


As hot as yesterday was, today was worse.


You know how when you get into your car when it’s hot out and it feels like an oven? That’s what the air felt like. Just for fun, when I turned my car on at first, this is what it showed:


Obviously the car has been baking, but even so, I’ve never seen a temperature like that! And then this is what it was when it normalized:


Honestly not so much better.

Finally, I want to share my dinner with you guys because it was surprisingly amazing! I made zucchini soup. And yes, I realize I made soup in 111 degree weather.

For the soup, I sautéed 2 chopped zucchinis with garlic and butter. After those softened a bit, I threw in some riced cauliflower, fresh sage, fresh chives, herb blend, salt and pepper, and onion powder. ( I accidentally bought 2 onion powders so I add it to pretty much everything.) I sautéed that up, and then wilted a few handfuls of spinach on top. Then, I pureed all that in a blender with some vegetable stock, and had a delicious, herby, fresh veggie summer soup!

…which I served with cheese puffs. And salad. I accidentally bought an extra bag of lettuce, so I need to eat salad at every meal for a while. I made my healthy thousand island with greek yogurt and ketchup.


I spent the rest of the evening cleaning, doing laundry, and setting up my new iPad! Apple actually owns my life now. I’m currently surrounded my 2 laptops, my iPhone, and iPad. I’m excited to try it out for notes! I’m probably going to do handwritten notes on the iPad for some classes, and typed notes for others. I’ve never done electronic notes in my life, so this is definitely new!

That’s all for now; my sister’s wedding is THIS WEEKEND, so I’ll probably check in after that!

Vet School Snapshots

Hello! I have survived week 2! I want to share a few snapshots, focusing on food, fitness, and vet school stuff.

We haven’t started our technical material yet, but I’ve already learned a few things about surviving. First, you HAVE to be organized. I downloaded a checklist app and I’m obsessed with it. It’s called Wunderlist, and it syncs across multiple devices. I have a million little things to do, and this app is literally holding my life together.

I’ve also learned that I need to be flexible with my study habits. I’m 100% a pen and paper person, and I CANNOT type my notes. I was planning on printing out all the slides, but instead I realized that wasn’t reasonable and ordered an iPad to write notes on. So we’ll see how that goes.

Other craziness? My sister’s wedding is next week! What??

Another thing I’m learning? I need to be flexible with my workouts, and they’ll get done. I went to Crossfit 5 times this week, and I went at a different time each day (5:30pm, 5:45am, 4:45pm, 9:30am, 7am). Workouts will get done if you prioritize them and fit them in where you can.

So snapshots:


Zucchini is still going strong. Really strong. I’m not buying it again when I run out this time though. I’m getting really sick of spending my life grating it, and pulling zucchini fragments out of the sink. This is a scramble with zucchini, egg whites, and garlic and herb soft cheese. On the side, I put some pasta sauce on bread and topped it with cheese.


Do I look like a vet student yet? I spent Sunday morning volunteering at a pop-up clinic and had the absolute best time. This particular organization is one I think I’m going to make a priority this year.


Post-volunteering Subway salad because I wasted something that contained zero zucchini.


Baseball! I went to a minor league game. The Giant’s AAA team is super close by, and I knew I wanted to stop by before the end of the season. For any baseball fans out there, apparently Ryan Howard is now in the Rockies organization, playing for their AAA team.


More scenes:

IMG_5208 IMG_5212 IMG_5214 IMG_5215

Food featured: black bean burger and fries, mango shave ice type of thing.


Vet school thus far has had abundant sweets, so I’ve been trying to eat healthier at home. Breakfast of a yogurt bowl with nectarine and sunbutter, plus mango.

IMG_5217 IMG_5220 IMG_5221

Obligatory eclipse photos. Someone brought special glass to look through, and it was super cool! I’ve never seen an eclipse like that before.


After eating zucchini with eggs a million times, I mixed it up and made zoodles with pasta sauce, cheese, and precooked lemon chicken. Extra sautéed zucchini on the side because I had trouble spiralizing the ends.


My avocado <3


Breakfast of toast with sunbutter and banana, plus mango.


My other, less photographed, roommate. She’s a sweetie!


On Wednesday, I was eating lunch outside when I realized it actually felt pretty warm (we’re always cold inside so outside is thaw time). I went to evening Crossfit, and it was 100 degrees when I pulled up! Crossfit is most definitely not air conditioned. It was actually fine once we got moving though!

The Farmer’s Market here is quite the event. There was beer, which tells you everything you need to know.



I got what was probably the best chicken tamale I’ve had for dinner. The stand had other veggie flavors that sounded amazing, but they were out by the time I got my dinner. I also got honey lavender ice cream because it was 100 degrees.



I also FINALLY found the perfect, most beautiful figs.




^breakfast figs



^Surprise ice cream sundaes!


Still going strong with the zucchini scrambles. Plus avocado toast with everything bagel seasoning.


I am coming to love this kitty! The other night I got back late, and she was waiting for me like, “Um, excuse me, where have you been?”IMG_5261 IMG_5264

That’s all for now! I have a very full weekend coming up, I hope yours is great as well!

WIAW: In Vet School!

Hello from vet school! Here we have a rare mid-week post. That being said, it’s going to be a quick one. So why not do a WIAW for what I ate in a day, during my second week of vet school?

My morning started EARLY. My alarm went off at 5am, and Rina didn’t look like she was any more interested in getting up than I did. Often times she’s roaming around during the early hours, but I guess this was too early for my sleepy (loud) kitty!


Before running out the door, I grabbed a handful of berry Cheerios.

I went to 5:45am Crossfit and it was a really tough one. We worked on some core strength, and then did a surprisingly difficult WOD. It was 5 rounds of a 3 minute AMRAP of power cleans, push jerks, and over the bar burpees, with a minute rest between rounds. I was DONE.

After quickly showering, I put a GF pumpkin spice waffle in the toaster, and then ate that while making the rest of my breakfast. That workout called for some serious post-workout carbs,


Part 2 was a yogurt bowl with plain Greek yogurt, a nectarine, and sunbutter. Plus TONS of fluids. It’s been warm here for sure!


For lunch, I packed a salad with nectarine, creamy goat cheese, and Trader Joe’s grilled lemon pepper chicken. Plus Quest chips, and a couple chocolates from a classmate.


Today was 8-5 of sitting in lectures all day. For mid-lecture snack, I had a bar.


As I’ve been mentioning before, I have a massive amount of zucchini. I took a couple of large zucchinis and spiralized them, and then sautéed them with garlic, salt, and pepper. I topped all that with marinara, more of the grilled chicken, and mozzarella. I munched on some snap pea crisps and dried mango while cooking.


For dessert, I had fresh mango, one honey mint (I changed my mint about the other one), and half a piece of peppermint bark bread from the freezer.

IMG_5233 IMG_5234

That’s probably it for food for the night. I might have kombucha later. Now I have to go do some research to prep for another full day tomorrow!

And the Journey Begins


I just finished my first week of vet school and WOW. What an incredible week. I grew so much as a person. I learned a lot about communication. I reflected on myself. I met my new classmates. I’m SO excited for what is to come.

I’m also white coat official!


I want to share my white coat night, and then I’ll go into some snapshots from the week.

One of my best friends who I’ve known forever came up for the ceremony, as well as my parents, my sister, and her fiancé (in 2 weeks, her husband!) It was amazing to have such a great group supporting me.

IMG_0020 IMG_0035

IMG_0064 IMG_0075

IMG_0096 IMG_0097 IMG_0099 IMG_0105 IMG_0112 IMG_0128 IMG_0133


We stuck around for some of the post-ceremony festivities before heading to a local brewery (my new fav) to talk about the week.


I recently discovered I love Saisons, and this is one of my favorites!

After beer, we went to Burgers and Brew, a Davis staple, for some burgers. I don’t eat much meat these days because I don’t love to cook it, so I was craving some! I got a turkey burger in a lettuce wrap with sweet potato fries.


We got home pretty late, but definitely had to break into the adorable cupcakes my parents brought!

IMG_5190 IMG_5191 IMG_5195

Then this morning, we went to my favorite coffeeshop for baked goods and coffee. I had a cappuccino and a GF blueberry muffin, plus a GF chocolate donut to share.


It was so nice to have everyone here! On top of all of that, my parents gifted me an avocado tree, complete with installation (my dad dug the hole). I’m excited for that!

And my week.

Like I said, it was a blast but the days were long. We were often at school from 8-6:30, and then had a social event later that evening. Since this is a fitness blog, I do want to touch on how I balanced my workouts this week.

Monday was a rest day. Partly because I did 70% of Angie the day before: 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats. So I scaled to 70 of everything. I’m glad I did, because I got blisters on my pinkies (who does that??) at the end. I felt way stronger than the 100 pull ups from a couple of weeks ago though!

Tuesday, I woke up early and ran 3 miles before school.

Wednesday, I bit the bullet and woke up REALLY early for 5:45am Crossfit. I definitely feel like myself with morning workouts, but was dragging during the day. Thursday I did 5:45 Crossfit as well. Friday, we had a half day before the White Coat ceremony, so I went straight to the campus gym from class and did a quick squat focussed workout. It’s crazy how fast strength goes. I did not feel strong, and I realized it, so I didn’t get too crazy with the weights or reps because I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk today otherwise!

In terms of food, I feel like I was pretty hungry a lot of the week, probably thanks to long days!

Here are some snapshots:

IMG_5132 IMG_5133

Peach and goat cheese salad I brought to a potluck, and had TONS of leftovers of.


Current favorite dessert: chocolate Halo Top with sunbutter and whipped cream.


Toast with cheese and an egg, and kale salad with balsamic, garlic powder, salt and pepper, and nutritional yeast.


One of my new roommates 🙂


Required first day of vet school selfie.


Baked potato with vegetarian chili, GF cookie.


Scenes from my morning run.


Nectarines have become a staple.


Mexican lunch.


Super delicious GF pizza. One piece was veggie and one was garlic chicken.


Post-Crossfit, I had zero time so I took breakfast to go!


Last week I bought massive amounts of zucchini and nectarines. And then this week, I went back and did it all again! It’s just SO cheap. All of this (and the picture doesn’t do it justice), was less than $5!


This is a staple dinner. Grated zucchini, egg whites, and garlic and herb cheese.


Post-CF breakfast: a pumpkin spice waffle and a mango vanilla smoothie.


After eating zucchini ALL WEEK, I was craving ketchup like crazy so I made an emergency run to the store to get something to put it on! I got lettuce and deli turkey…I fully acknowledge that this is incredibly weird. Such is life. As is this salad: guacamole, turkey, cheese, and ketchup.


I have a pair of these shoes that are super ratty. And then I recently bought a new pair. I wore one of each out…and didn’t realize it until I was about an hour in. This picture doesn’t do it justice, because the ratty ones look ROUGH. Whoops.

And that was my week! I may have mentioned it before, but I want to say again that as I begin vet school, this blog will understandably change a little bit. I will be posting less frequently, because I will be crazy busy. I also want to take a step back in terms of what I share, and stick more towards health/fitness/healthy and easy meal ideas (especially quick and easy!) and less of the personal life things. Just a heads up! I do want to show that it is (hopefully) possible to stay healthy in vet school! (Or any intense school/work situation.)

Get Fit With Your Pup

*This is not a sponsored post, and all opinions expressed are my own. I found this graphic from PuppySpot, and I loved the information they had to share.*

I’ve said time and time again, one of my favorite things about having a pup is getting to take her places and do things with her.


She even supports me and comes to my races….with limited success. She goes CRAZY when I run away from her! And then again when she sees me come racing in.


As you may have gleaned from previous posts, Chloe is a bit of a difficult dog. I say that lovingly, of course. She can be anxious, needy, and bored when she doesn’t get enough exercise. As a high energy breed, she needs to travel at least 3 miles a day or she is just wild. Because I love fitness, ideally we would get our exercise in together, since we both need it!

Our morning walks together quickly became some of my favorite parts of the week.


The difficulty? For such a high energy dog, she sure is picky about how she exercises. She likes her walks, but she gets bored easily. If I take her to the same trail over and over, she doesn’t want to go, starts dragging, and sometimes refuses to move.


She literally stops walking right in the middle of the road.

When PuppySpot reached out to me with some “Fido Fitness” workout ideas, I jumped at the chance to share, because as I said, my difficult pup needs variety and intrigue in her exercise routine, and yours might as well!

Check it out:


We all know many people are overweight, but did you know many dogs are as well? In my experience, I’ve seen many animals that are overweight. Exercise is a great way to reduce the likelihood of this. So why not do it together?

Unfortunately, my silly dog hates fetch. However, we have done “doga” together before. Protip: a yoga mat on the floor is a dog magnet.

IMG_2712 IMG_2631

While Chloe hasn’t gone swimming in anything too deep, she does love fountain hopping. She runs around like crazy, and it’s a great way for her to cool off during a hot walk.


Another idea I really love, and can’t wait to try with Chloe (when I see her next. she didn’t come to vet school with me :'( ) is the interval running. I love this idea because she is far too easily distracted to run for very much distance, but I definitely think I could get her sprinting for a few seconds! Anytime I’ve run with Aussies, they seem to want to go full speed, anyways!

I also do want to talk about PuppySpot for a moment. PuppySpot is a network of selected breeders, and helps people find puppies to adopt. I’m not going to go into the “shelter vs bred” adoption debate; obviously there are a lot of dogs in shelters that need homes, and if you adopt a shelter pet, that’s great! Some people want a specific breed for one reason or another, and that’s great too! I want to highlight one particular aspect of PuppySpot: they have certain standards for their breeders, including health and humane standards. I love Chloe, but when we got her she was chock full of parasites, many of which were communicable to humans. When we let our local breeder know that she had tested positive for giardia, the breeder brushed it off. I wish we had had some sort of standard when we were adopting her, because a lot of her behavior problems as a puppy seemed to be linked to her parasites and constant medications. If you want to check out adorable puppies to work out with, check our their puppy page!


In summary: I’m guessing that most people who read my blog love fitness; don’t forget to include those pups!