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Get Fit With Your Pup

*This is not a sponsored post, and all opinions expressed are my own. I found this graphic from PuppySpot, and I loved the information they had to share.*

I’ve said time and time again, one of my favorite things about having a pup is getting to take her places and do things with her.


She even supports me and comes to my races….with limited success. She goes CRAZY when I run away from her! And then again when she sees me come racing in.


As you may have gleaned from previous posts, Chloe is a bit of a difficult dog. I say that lovingly, of course. She can be anxious, needy, and bored when she doesn’t get enough exercise. As a high energy breed, she needs to travel at least 3 miles a day or she is just wild. Because I love fitness, ideally we would get our exercise in together, since we both need it!

Our morning walks together quickly became some of my favorite parts of the week.


The difficulty? For such a high energy dog, she sure is picky about how she exercises. She likes her walks, but she gets bored easily. If I take her to the same trail over and over, she doesn’t want to go, starts dragging, and sometimes refuses to move.


She literally stops walking right in the middle of the road.

When PuppySpot reached out to me with some “Fido Fitness” workout ideas, I jumped at the chance to share, because as I said, my difficult pup needs variety and intrigue in her exercise routine, and yours might as well!

Check it out:


We all know many people are overweight, but did you know many dogs are as well? In my experience, I’ve seen many animals that are overweight. Exercise is a great way to reduce the likelihood of this. So why not do it together?

Unfortunately, my silly dog hates fetch. However, we have done “doga” together before. Protip: a yoga mat on the floor is a dog magnet.

IMG_2712 IMG_2631

While Chloe hasn’t gone swimming in anything too deep, she does love fountain hopping. She runs around like crazy, and it’s a great way for her to cool off during a hot walk.


Another idea I really love, and can’t wait to try with Chloe (when I see her next. she didn’t come to vet school with me :'( ) is the interval running. I love this idea because she is far too easily distracted to run for very much distance, but I definitely think I could get her sprinting for a few seconds! Anytime I’ve run with Aussies, they seem to want to go full speed, anyways!

I also do want to talk about PuppySpot for a moment. PuppySpot is a network of selected breeders, and helps people find puppies to adopt. I’m not going to go into the “shelter vs bred” adoption debate; obviously there are a lot of dogs in shelters that need homes, and if you adopt a shelter pet, that’s great! Some people want a specific breed for one reason or another, and that’s great too! I want to highlight one particular aspect of PuppySpot: they have certain standards for their breeders, including health and humane standards. I love Chloe, but when we got her she was chock full of parasites, many of which were communicable to humans. When we let our local breeder know that she had tested positive for giardia, the breeder brushed it off. I wish we had had some sort of standard when we were adopting her, because a lot of her behavior problems as a puppy seemed to be linked to her parasites and constant medications. If you want to check out adorable puppies to work out with, check our their puppy page!


In summary: I’m guessing that most people who read my blog love fitness; don’t forget to include those pups!

Full Day of Eating: 101 Ways to Eat Zucchini

I’m currently blogging from the coffeeshop that I will basically be living in over the next 4 years, sipping on a decaf iced latte and eating a GF lemon lavender muffin. YES.


Since I have some time on my hands today and tomorrow, I figured I might as well do another full day of eating! My life is going to get crazy starting Monday. I want to still blog during vet school, but I recognize that school is my priority so I will definitely be blogging less. My goal is 1 post/week. We shall see. In the meantime, I’ll have a couple of posts scheduled to go up next week 🙂

The theme this week is 101 ways to eat zucchini. As i mentioned before, I have a massive amount of zucchini. Not part of my full day of eating, but the other day I made some zucchini fritters, served with shredded zucchini and corn salad. For the fritters, I grated up 2 large zucchinis, realized it was a massive amount and pulled some out for the salad, then squeezed out excess liquid and mixed in garlic and onion powder, salt and pepper, chopped chives, nutritional yeast, and egg whites.


I served them with applesauce, creamy goat cheese, and ketchup.

Also, if you’re wondering what my current day to day is like, it’s mostly spending time with this one:

IMG_5103 IMG_5119 IMG_0651

She’s gotten better at actually, you know, sleeping during the night.

But back to the FDOE.

This is from Friday! I wanted to do morning Crossfit instead of evening, and for some reason I was thinking I’d have to do 5:45am. Then remembered that I’m not at my home box and there are lots more options, like 9:30am! I love that, even though I’ll probably never be able to do it during school.


Fruit stand peach+sunbutter on GF toast. I got GF bread that wasn’t frozen this time, and the quality of my toast is WAY better than thawing it from frozen!

Crossfit was deadlifts plus a quick WOD that included lots of cleans and a little running. We did a warm up of relays on the assault bike, and I was a little too excited to hop on that I didn’t get my leg up high enough and scraped my leg on the base of the seat…whoops.


Right after Crossfit, I hit up the grocery store and picked up stuff for a potluck tonight, plus some staples and a protein bar, that I broke into.


Afterwards, I made a lighter lunch since I had just eaten a protein bar. Avocado toast and a kale salad with lemon juice, cooking spray, garlic powder, nutritional yeast, and salt and pepper. Love this simple salad.


I also broke into that day’s impulse buy for dessert:


Afternoon snack: GF frozen pumpkin spice muffin with butter.


I wasn’t super hungry for dinner, so I made a zucchini scramble that came out really well! Zucchini, egg whites, and garlic and herb alouette spreadable cheese. Plus half a piece of GF toast with butter.


For dessert, I made a couple of flapjacked protein cookies and ate them with vanilla halo top.


That evening, I met some vet students for beers. I think the consensus is that we’re all excited but nervous for Monday! When I got back, I had a snack of red, white, and blue banana bread from the freezer. It looks sad because when I was reheating it, I flipped it over and that was a fail.


I also had a couple of GF cookies:


I’ll probably throw a weekend post or something up tomorrow, but otherwise, we’re going in folks!

Full Day of Eating in DAVIS

Hello, hello! I’m currently blogging from my new place, under my new (roommate’s) purring kitty.


Kitties love t-shirt quilts 🙂 Charlie LOVES mine back home!

I wanted to do a full day of eating fro my first day here, but first I want to let you all know HOW I got here, and my final day in the Bay!

Monday, I basically spent all day packing. I broke to make a loaf of chocolate peppermint bark bread from some OLD peppermint bark to take with me and stick in the freezer here.

IMG_5057 IMG_5058

I still think this is one of the best things I’ve ever baked. It’s so ridiculously good.

I went to evening Crossfit one last time and tore the blisters off my hands from last weeks 100 pull ups during the extensive toes to bar and pull ups in that workout.

Post-workout, my parents and I split a couple of beers we wanted to try as happy hour: Honey Wheat and Mango Wheat Blue Moon. Both good, but I think i prefer Anchor’s mango wheat!


For dinner, we made one of my favorites, butternut squash soup with rotisserie chicken, with Brazilian cheese balls on the side.


That evening, I grabbed a beer with someone from Crossfit as a nice send-off!

Monday morning, I went to morning Crossfit (with extensive hand taping) one last time before we hit the road! Moving was a pretty big deal this time. I’ve never really had to have furniture before, so that was a new adventure.

My roommate was gone (thankfully, because we made quite the mess), but the minute I put the keys in the door, I could hear her cat Rina meowing. She is a lot different from what I was expecting! When I met her before, she had only been in the house for a few days, and I’ve come to learn she is quite the talkative kitty!



We took a break around dinner time, and had much needed happy hour at a pizza place.


We weren’t planning on actually eating dinner there, but they had GF crust so we went for it! My mom and I split a salad and a cheese pizza.

IMG_5067 IMG_5069

Afterward, we stumbled on a little creamery and got ice cream. I had honey lavender!


After my parents left later that night, I spent some quality time on the couch with kitty (her name is Rina).

IMG_5072 IMG_5075

Nighttime was when I ran into trouble.


I let her come in with me, but she meowed ALL NIGHT. She wanted to cuddle, so she’d walk around yowling until I would call to her to come up. Then, she’d jump up and be super purry, but eventually leave and the process would repeat. I do not think I slept too much last night!

On that note, let’s go into our full day of eating!



I may be back to yogurt bowls! For breakfast, I had plain Greek yogurt with KIND cinnamon granola and sunbutter, with blueberries on the side. Note: the lighting in my kitchen is actually awesome! I had this breakfast basically all fall last year, so we’ll see if that happens again now!


I stopped at the nearby fruit stand and bought over 10 pounds of produce for a really good price! I had one of the figs that I picked up.


For lunch, I had leftover soup and a slice of leftover pizza. I’m not really huge on leftover pizza, but I decided to give the “heat pizza in a pan on the stove” method a try. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. I ended up cooking both sides of the pizza, flipping it cheese side down at the end. It actually came out really well, and the cheese got a nice crispy layer.


For dessert, I had a couple of squares of dark chocolate.


While I really did get the goods at the produce stand, I still needed to hit up the grocery store for staples. I managed to go into Trader Joe’s and get out with only one impulse buy, which I snacked on mid-afternoon with a Luna bar:

IMG_5087 IMG_5088

That evening, I visited my new Crossfit box! It’s definitely not air-conditioned (I was ever-hopeful since it’s often over 100 degrees here in the summer), but the people were really nice! I actually met a couple of older vet students! What’s crazy though is that now I’ve been doing Crossfit for 4 years, which is a LONG time. Like, longer than most people. What??


So….I had tonight’s dinner planned, and was also planning on making zucchini lasagna tomorrow…so I bought a massive amount of zucchini (definitely got carried away with it), so that was the focus of tonight’s dinner! I love zucchini because it’s really easy to sauté up quickly, so expect a lot more of it around these parts! Way faster than roasting broccoli or carrots. I made a little bowl of brown rice, zucchini with garlic powder and nutritional yeast, an egg with yolk so runny it exploded all over the floor when I was taking it out of the pan, and some super creamy avocado from the local produce stand.


And mango kombucha.

Yeah, with the local produce, I am definitely not going to mind living here for the next 4 years.


I definitely don’t have the unlimited options from home, but I made out pretty well! One more square of dark chocolate, plus chocolate Halo Top with sunbutter swirled in for a little faux chocolate peanut butter action.


Denver Bachelorette Party

Hello! I’m blogging to you from my new place, but I’ll get to that in a separate post! Today, I want to recap my adventures from last weekend in Denver, CO! My sister is getting married in less than a month, and as her maid of honor, it was my job to plan the bachelorette party! We did it in Denver because her bridesmaids are scattered all around the country. One lives in Denver, and one was passing through for the week, plus it was pretty central location!

Friday, I picked my sister up. She had an adorable kitty guest keeping her fiancé company while she was gone!

IMG_4926 IMG_4923

I fully outfitted my sister upon arrival.

IMG_4933 IMG_4931

It was fun taking her through the airport and onto the plane with the veil! She got many congratulations. (Btw, her shirt says “I got the hubby,” and ours say “we got the bubbly.”)

I’m going to do a mostly photo recap of the weekend. When we got there, we went to dinner with her college friend at a vegan restaurant. I had a tofu bacon avocado sandwich with fried green tomato on GF bread, with sweet potato fries.


We grabbed a beer after, and I got a blueberry wheat beer. It was AMAZING, and definitely one of my top beers.


We stayed with one of my sister’s other friends who lived in Denver, and she had the sweetest pup!


Saturday was the day I really had planned, so we’ll do a photo recap!

IMG_4944 IMG_4948 IMG_4955

Coffee @ Steam Espresso Bar.


Lunch @ Avanti Food and Beverage for Quiero Arepas. I always saw these on the PaleOMG instagram, and when I realized we were in Denver and I was in charge of finding good food, I was PUMPED to try them OMG.

IMG_4961 IMG_4962

Fried plantain, black bean, avocado.

IMG_4963 IMG_4967

Pedicures, plus a new pup friend.

IMG_4978 IMG_4984 IMG_4987

First draft, which is basically self-serve beer on tap, froyo style. There were like 40 things on tap, and you have a card that you swipe and then pour as much as you want. It was AWESOME. You could try a ton of different things!

IMG_4989 IMG_4990 IMG_4991 IMG_4993 IMG_4999 20668452_1521089761281135_419581075_n

The Source for delicious tacos. I had a mushroom and a chicken.

IMG_5003 IMG_5005

The Chocolate Lab for apps. They incorporate chocolate into a ton of savory items!

IMG_5009 IMG_5013

Hummus with cacao nibs, white chocolate babaganoush.


Roasted cauliflower with cocoa drizzle.


Chocolate milk stout/espresso beer float.

Then it was back to the house for games and bubbly, before hitting the town.

IMG_5033 IMG_5035

Sunday morning, my sister and I were the first ones up, shockingly. Not shockingly for me, but definitely for her!


Since I had to catch my flight before brunch and she needed caffeine, we found a nice little coffeeshop nearby!


Unsurprisingly, my flight to SFO was delayed a little bit thanks to runway construction, so at the airport, I actually took the time for a sit-down lunch. I had a salad with roasted artichokes, goat cheese, dried cranberries, and BBQ pulled chicken.


Dinner at home was a good one. Grilled corn with my watermelon feta salad.


That’s all for now!

Full Day of Eating Tea Party Edition

I haven’t done a full day of eating in a while, so I thought I would do that today! I’m actually off to Denver tomorrow morning for my sister’s bachelorette party (that I was mostly in charge of planning), so I wanted to pop in early quickly and share!

I took the morning off and made myself a chocolate banana smoothie, and half a piece of GF bread with sunbutter.


Mid-morning, I took Chloe for a walk.


After our walk, I had a cup of Blueprint decaf from the beans I brought back from St. Louis!


The main event of the day was going to tea with my high school friend and her mom with my mom. I haven’t seen her mom in a long time, so we all had tons to chat about! The tea room was absolutely adorable.

IMG_4904 IMG_4905

Even better, they had great gluten free options (GF crumpet…what??)

My mom and I split a full tea, and got decaf mango black tea.


Here’s our tea service: fruit, GF blueberry scone with Devonshire cream and jam, salad, and tea sandwiches. We chose artichoke hummus and pear stilton sandwiches.

GF crumpet:


And for dessert, sea salt caramel truffle.


This was seriously such a great pre-vet school sendoff. These are great people, and I’m lucky to have known them for 12 (!) years now!

IMG_4912 IMG_4914

We ended up there for almost 3 hours! II had enough time to relax just a bit before heading to Crossfit.


^I was surprised to walk out of my room to find these two hanging out together.

The Crossfit WOD was tons of front squats and hand release push ups.

For dinner, I requested a lighter salad after all the carbs! We made a caesar salad using Bolthouse Farms yogurt-based Caesar dressing. We topped it with grilled chicken and parmesan crisps. On the side, we had roasted purple sweet potatoes.


For dessert, I had half a piece of double chocolate cranberry bread and a skinny cow froyo bar.

IMG_4918 IMG_4919

So…since I’m about to leave, I’m realizing I have a ton to eat from the freezer before I go so I’ve been doing double desserts the last couple of days. Dessert #2 was leftover birthday cake from the freezer.


For the record…I think this was a little too much dessert for me. But gotta clean out that freezer!

Overall, a fun day. The countdown to vet school continues!