Father’s Day weekend seems like a pretty appropriate time to discuss beer, right?

Friday night, we pulled out one of our big cans of passionfruit beer from Hawaii to share.


They were from March but still pretty good!

Saturday morning I had work, so I did a little full day of eating for you all!



A chocolate banana smoothie with frozen banana, milk, cocoa, and Quest chocolate protein plus sunbutter of GF cinnamon raisin toast.



I have this lunch so frequently. Salad with nectarine, grilled chicken, and goat cheese, and a side of GF cheddar crackers.




My parents met me with Chloe for an outdoor dinner downtown by work.

I started off with a Budweiser.


I don’t think I’ve ever actually had Budweiser outside of St. Louis. I actually liked it there!

…but I don’t think the Budweiser you get there is the same as you get here. This was way more watery. Definitely not as good. Upon analysis, this wasn’t even close to the same color. The beer in STL is much more amber:


Yeah. What the heck?

….and back to the food.

We got roasted brussels sprouts and sweet potato fries for the table.

IMG_4098 IMG_4099

For my meal, I had a beet and goat cheese salad with TRUFFLE honey. OMG <3


We stopped for froyo after. Chocolate+bananas flambé.


A little bit later in the night, I grabbed a dulce de leche cupcake with chocolate frosting from the freezer. The freezer went through some freezing/thawing issues so my cow looked a little bit sadder!


NOW, for Father’s Day!

We started out with a run for me and a walk for pups by the bay before it got hot. Spoiler alert: it got HOT later. It was over 100 at my house, which almost never happens!


For our main Father’s Day event, we all went to Dan Gordon’s, the restaurant associated with Gordon Biersch. Fun fact: my dad actually coached Dan Gordon’s daughter many years ago!

IMG_4108 19149197_1500172763366834_7815558931138017684_n

I had never actually had Gordon Biersch beer before! We decided to get a flight to try a few different things.


I ended up deciding on the Hefeweizen. It was really interesting; it had more complex flavors (fruity?) than most wheat beers.


Naturally, we got the famous Gordon Biersch garlic fries to start (found at AT&T park!).


And roasted brussels sprouts. (SO good.)


For my meal, I went in the brunch direction and got a goat cheese and portabello scramble, although I have to admit, I didn’t make a dent in it after garlic fries!


After lunch, we braved the 100+ temperatures to walk to a nearby diner for ice cream. I had to rally my dessert stomach hard, but the peppermint fudge could not be passed up.


When we got home, we let Chloe out of her crate (inside, in the AC), and apparently the house was so well conditioned that she went out into 100+ degrees and plopped down flat in the sun (she looked up when I took the pic.)



Sunday afternoon’s task was bottling my home brewed beer! That called for a mini toast.


I think the bottling went well! The beer isn’t fizzy yet, but I tasted what we had so far and it was pretty good! Now we wait two weeks, and then it will be time to test out the final product! Again, I’ll do a full recap on the process at that time.


And that was Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful father (who will definitely read this <3 ); I wouldn’t be where I am today without you!