Hello! Today is my day off, and I am wiped out! I’ve been laying pretty low most of the day, but am enjoying the (finally) warm weather! I ventured outside to take the pup for a long walk, as well as for coffee with my sister.

IMG_4082 IMG_4085

^Flat dog=sign that I did my job and tired her out!

I have a couple of meal ideas for you guys today focusing on fresh produce! But to start, we’re going to back it up.


Pre-workout cheerios. (Still in the habit of recording a full week of eating…it lasted 1 day.)


Post-Crossfit I was craving protein so I aborted my planned breakfast and went with it. Probably thanks to death by double unders (essentially) the night before.


I have a very lengthy list of immunization requirements for vet school, so I went to the doctor Tuesday to get all that taken care of. By the time I was done, and plenty of blood was drawn, I was STARVING. I met my mom for lunch at the nearby Neiman Marcus cafe. It’s pretty fancy, and they serve little appetizers. The first was chicken stock, and I swear after getting blood drawn and waiting so long of lunch, this gave me life!


Next, they brought popovers with strawberry butter. I had a few bites only because I didn’t want to be asleep within the hour.


For my meal, I got a salad with chicken, apple, dried fruit, and blue cheese.


And with our check, they brought little chocolate peppermint sticks.


My mom and I spent the afternoon looking for clothes for vet school. For classes, we don’t have a dress code, but I need some things that are a step up from leggings, as well as some more business casual for shadowing clinics. I found a few things, but I really need to work on building up my wardrobe!

For snack, we stopped at Pressed Juicery where I picked up a carroty juice, which I had with a sea salt chocolate protein bar.


I was supposed to have a slow pitch softball game that evening in that area, but it ended up getting cancelled at the last minute because we didn’t have enough players. Instead, we picked up some things to make dinner.


For dinner, we had a variation of my nectarine and date salad: nectarines, dates, rotisserie chicken, goat cheese, champagne vinaigrette. On the side, we picked up some random GF cheese breads. One of better than the other.

We recently got a Costco box of nectarines, which is why they have/will be featured so prominently this week!

For dessert, we picked up some Sprinkles cupcakes. I got a GF red velvet.


Since I’m both a sucker for marketing and love my dog, when we saw puppy cakes, we had to pick one up for Chloe. They had simple ingredients, and are dipped in yogurt instead of frosted.


She was actually really funny; she didn’t know what to think of it or how to eat it at first!

IMG_4069 IMG_4070

But of course she was motivated enough to figure it out!

Other evening snacks included Pirate’s Booty and a rice cake with chive and berry whipped cream cheese.

IMG_4065 IMG_4071

New on the fitness front is I’m planning on doing a new squat program. I did it when I worked with my trainer a couple of years ago, and think it would be a good way to build extra strength on my own. I’m starting at 10# lighter than last time though since I don’t think i’m as strong! Day 1 was 10-10-8 reps at 135-145-155. I was feeling it by the end of the day!

And now, more meals featuring fresh fruit and veggies. This is so much the time of year for it!



One massive banana pancake, because making a bunch of little ones is a ton of work. 1 banana, 1 egg, half a serving of liquid egg whites, and baking powder. I also had half a Hawaiian papaya. My favorite papayas to get are the ones that are discounted due to overripe/bruising. Papayas can be expensive and take forever to ripen, and these are always perfectly ripe and ready to go, minus a spot or two.


I went straight from spin to work, so I ate my lunch in the car. Maple blueberry bread and a nectarine.



Roasted veggie bowl. Rainbow carrots from our CSA, roasted broccoli, brown rice, a fried egg, hummus, and chives.


My grilled peach and chicken salad, but with nectarines.


And lastly, salad with leftover grilled chicken, papaya, parmesan, and champagne vinaigrette.

That’s all i have for ya, go out and enjoy the summer weather+food!