So this week, I’m making it my goal to post every day and post a full day of eating. I want to do this for several reason; it’s really great having a ton of meal ideas to look back on when I’m stuck, and because while I’m happy with how I eat, I want to push myself to focus more on healthier foods (like more fruits, veggies, and protein.) My blog is an interesting record for me, and I spent a little time the other night analyzing different phases of eating over the past few years. I want to try some things out, so why not document what’s happening around here? So let’s do it!

Pre-Crossfit, I had some strawberry Cheerios. I was going to finish the box of apple cinnamon Cheerios (my favorite) but they were horribly stale.


At Crossfit, we maxed out reps for 85% max +5# squats, and I got 7 at 170. I think I probably could have gotten 1 or 2 more, but we didn’t have a ton of time.

Post-workout breakfast was a smoothie I’ve been wanting to try for a while! Sort of a healthy shamrock shake (which I’ve never actually had): a mint smoothie!

I blended up leftover fresh mint leaves with 1/3 cup milk, 1/3 packet vanilla Quest protein, a touch of vanilla extract, and a frozen banana. On the side, I had half a piece of GF bread with sunbutter.


A little while after breakfast, I took Chloe for a walk by the bay.

IMG_3917 IMG_3918

This time though, we went on a portion of the bay trail that was in the middle of our two normal walking places, and we both enjoyed the change of scenery.

IMG_3919 IMG_3921

After our walk, I was thirsty so I drank my last Zevia cream soda while waiting for lunch.


Around noon, I made a quite delicious lunch. I made an open faced turkey sandwich on gluten free toast with 1 wedge of garlic and herb laughing cow, butter lettuce, and avocado from our CSA box topped with salt and garlic powder. On the side, I had watermelon and Pirate’s Booty.


For mini-dessert, I had half of a gluten free cookie with ginger chunks. These are legit.


For my afternoon snack, I had a Luna bar.


And then a few crackers before leaving to teach spin.


This is my LAST class teaching at Stanford, which is crazy! I’m not teaching summer quarter because I’ll be gone long before it ends. I thought last spring was my last quarter…and then I came back to teach another yearish. Even crazier is I don’t have any idea when I’ll be teaching again. I do want to teach in vet school, but I definitely don’t want to commit to anything during the first semester. So I guess we’ll see! I wanted my last playlist to include lots of favorites. Here’s a link to my Spotify if you’re interested!

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 3.26.21 PM

Right before going into spin, I was starving and fished out a small bag of fruit snacks from my purse and had a few of them for a much needed burst.


Spin went well; I think it was a hard class! My favorite part about teaching is watching the students respond, push themselves, and find their edge and then push past it.

While I taught, my parents walked Chloe. She was so excited to see me afterwards that I had to use a towel as a barrier for the jumping, and she hung out as Monk Chloe on the whole drive to dinner.

IMG_3929 IMG_3931

For dinner, we went to Lemonade, which I’ve been wanting to try. They specialize in lemonade (shockingly) and prepared salads. I went with a plate of 4 salads to try: sesame snap peas and edamame, kale with mushrooms and kumquats, butternut squash with spicy ranch and corn, and shaved brussels sprouts with dates.


Plus of course lemonade! I had watermelon rosemary.

These salads were super good, but it was a pretty massive amount of food. I focused on my two favorites, the brussels and the butternut squash. Yum!

After dinner, we picked up pastries for dessert. There wasn’t much I could eat, so I had a couple of bites off the top of the mango mousse.


For my evening snack, I focused on getting my sweet fix in, as well as extra protein. I had a Nugo bar, and a few GF crackers as I packed Tuesday’s lunch.


And now it is almost bedtime, so I will see you all tomorrow!

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  1. sprint2thetable

    I just want to follow you around and eat! I have an avocado ready to eat… that may need to happen with a turkey sandwich tomorrow.

    There’s a Lemonade like 3 blocks from my house. I have yet to go (shockingly) Those salads make me want to check it out though!

    1. astottler Post author

      Definitely do it!

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