Before I recap Memorial Day for me, I want to take a moment to recognize those who have served and say thank you.


I didn’t have work Friday, so my weekend somewhat kicked off then.


Dinner: spaghetti squash (spaghetti style) with a side salad, topped with burrata!

That night, I went to a going away party for one of my best college friends. She moved to Boston this week! It was so great so spend some time with her before she left. I didn’t manage to capture any pictures, other than one of my handiwork. I got there early and was assigned the task of arranging the mozzarella and tomatoes.


Saturday morning, as per usual, I had work.

Breakfast pre-work:


S’mores muffin. I think I had plans to do a full day of eating for this day but that didn’t end up happening! Haha.

Lunch was a salad with lemon grilled chicken, blueberries, and burrata.


After work, I met my friend and her boyfriend for one last dinner before she left the following morning. We went to a Chinese restaurant. To start, we had corn and chicken soup, which was really good! It was sort of like egg drop soup (which I really like), but also with corn and chicken which was a nice touch.


I also had chicken vegetable, and brown rice. I haven’t had Chinese food in FOREVER.

We were within walking distance from a classic froyo place, so naturally we had to stop there on the way back.


I got butterscotch with chocolate chips!

After dropping my friend off, I went to see another friend to watch the end of the Giants game and talk baseball. I also spent a while driving around with my gas tank on E, with the gas light on. I hate that. But my new car is holding out on me, and I didn’t have time to stop before then! I know how big my tank is, and how much I’m filling up. Even on E, I still had a good 3 gallons left. Um, ok.

Sunday was pretty low key. It involved a spin class, baseball watching, and kitty snuggles.


^maple blueberry bread


It was my parents’ anniversary weekend, and my dad requested Fish Market for dinner. I haven’t had it in a while and I don’t eat fish a lot, but right now I’m really digging mahi mahi. Good with ketchup! (And a little tartar sauce.) The roasted vegetables on the side were also way better than expected!


For dessert, I had vanilla Halo Top with GF pumpkin bread, a new Whole Foods find. Whole Foods suddenly has a ton of fresh GF baked goods! The first ingredient in the bread was pumpkin, so that’s how you know it’s going to be good!


Monday was Memorial Day.


Of course, my morning started with the Crossfit workout, Murph. Murph is traditionally done on Memorial Day, by almost all Crossfits across the country, in memorial of Michael Murphy, a fallen soldier. This is my 4th Memorial Day Murph, and my 5th time doing this benchmark workout.

Last year, I did this with a semi-broken foot (I didn’t run). So no broken foot was a great start off the bat this year. This would also be my first year doing Murph completely unbanded for the pull ups!

I can run decently, so I had to try and decide how hard to push the run, because I knew I could potentially make up some time there, but I didn’t want to go into the long workout gassed.


1 mile run

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 squats

1 mile run

I decided to run comfortably but quickly. I arrived in from the first run in 8:12, which was a great pace. The coach informed us the run loop was over a mile, so I think my pace was definitely 7:XX. Then it was time to get to work. I did it “Cindy Style,” 20 rounds of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 squats. While I may be able to do pull ups, push ups are still my nemesis, and I had to scale to my knees. The 20 rounds were honestly uneventful. My pull ups were shockingly strong. I did all 20 rounds in unbroken sets of 5, which was a little bit surprising to me. The pull ups weren’t even a struggle at the end…what?? It’s crazy how much better they’ve gotten in the past year! Every other Murph I’ve used a band, but it’s crazy now I haven’t used a band in a workout in almost a year.

About halfway through, I looked at the clock and realized if I pushed it a little bit, I could get near my goal. The push ups were definitely my slowest, limiting factor here.

Before I know it, I was headed out for my last mile. In the past, I remember my legs just feeling dead from the squats as I went out on the run, and having rubber legs. This didn’t feel like that at all. My legs actually didn’t feel totally wrecked. So I guess I am stronger than past years. While my legs felt okay, I had trouble catching my breath for the first half mile, which was a slight incline. I slowed down a bit, and hit it at the end, sliding in just under my best Murph, for a time of 44:17. My faster Murph was my first one, about 10 seconds slower. My last Murphs were around 50 minutes. However, compared to my best, this Murph had a longer run, and had no band for pull ups, so it’s actually a huge improvement. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with how it went!

18698518_10155338972494813_7737242544617027697_n IMG_3801

Afterwards, I dashed home to get ready to head to the Giants game! My friend and I decided last minute to get cheap tickets for the game, since I think we were both craving something summery! The irony, of course, is that the weather here has been anything but warm and sunny. Every day has been overcast and windy, and of course in SF, shorts were not an option.


For my meal, I had a cha cha bowl. I was pretty hungry post-Murph, so this really hit the spot! Rice, beans, chicken, and pineapple zucchini slaw. With BBQ sauce.


It wasn’t the fastest pace game, but of course we had a great time being there (and talking baseball the whole time).


IMG_3808 IMG_3810 IMG_3812 IMG_3811

^And yes, that is the on the field brawl. We actually had a pretty decent view of all the punches being thrown. For the record, I’m not in favor of this behavior in baseball. But it did add some intrigue to a less than exciting game.

I actually arrived home around dinnertime pretty hungry (thanks Murph), and after seeing recaps of past Murphs on my blog that also included this salad, I decided on grilled chicken and peach salad for dinner.


It also seemed fitting to have a hot fudge Halo Top sundae for dessert.