Hello! I’m coming back to you on this fine Friday evening with a full day of eating from yesterday! I am sort of procrastinating doing a write up of my vet school interview experiences because when I went to find pictures, I got distracted by last summer and my time in Tennessee. And now here we are.

I was off work yesterday (Thursday) as well as today (I work Saturday), and I feel like I finally have time to catch my breath and rest up a little bit. I thought it would be fun to blog a full day of eating from yesterday!



Luna bar+my first honeydew of the season! It was delicious. Fact: everything tastes better in ball form.

I had a lighter breakfast because I decided to do a mid-morning workout by my lonesome. I started with 2 miles on the treadmill, which felt equally great and terrible. My achilles is not happy with me, which is fair because I haven’t been taking very good care of it. It was bothering me a lot on the run, but I felt like cardiovascularly I wanted to run faster.

Next, I moved on to my basic leg day routine. 5×5 back squats, this time working my way up to 165#. I followed that up with single leg squats and pistols, and ended with 15 minutes of abs.

I wanted to watch the 11:30am Giants game, so I planned to take Chloe for a quick 20 minute walk around the neighborhood. She managed to con me into a 45 minute walk, because when I was ready to loop back around to come, she refused to move unless we turned the other direction.

When we finally arrived home, I was starving! I snacked on some of these crazy addicting rice cakes.


And then I made an opened faced sandwich with roasted garlic hummus, tomato, lettuce, part of a sad avocado, and an over easy egg. The rest of the honeydew on the side, which I was too lazy to ball so I just ate with a spoon.


Snack during the game:


Sometimes you want chocolate, and you have to just go for it.

Around 2:00, I decided to embark on my project. Beer making! I got a kit for brewing chocolate milk stout for my birthday! I decided that since I was brewing chocolate milk stout, it was my day off, and it was probably Friday and 5:00 somewhere, I popped open a can of my STL chocolate milk stout that I’ve been hoarding for months.


The process took time, but I’m excited to see how it turns out in 4-5 weeks!


I took lots of pictures, but I’ll save them and do a full recap of the process when it’s done!


I actually spent 2 hours searching for the perfect recipe for dinner. I couldn’t find the type of thing I wanted, but the recipe (from this month’s Cooking Light) was better than what I was looking for! We tried Grilled Lemon Chicken Salad. We cooked ours on the outside grill. This salad features grilled chicken and grilled lemon, over a bed of arugula, and sautĂ©ed green onions and asparagus. It turned out to be the perfect fresh, summery dish. Served with roasted sweet potatoes (actually my favorite).



I scraped the filling out of a lemon merengue pie from the freezer section.



Always a rice cake with cream cheese.


Have you ever brewed anything?