Hello! I thought it would be nice to do a full day of eating, since I don’t have anything crazy exciting to share from the last couple of days, and I always like reading these! I’m currently sipping Kombucha at Whole Foods (so cliche, I know) while I type this up!

Yesterday morning started with a little bowl of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios and Crossfit. We did heavy back squats and strict presses, and then a WOD with a little running, thrusters, and lateral bar over burpees.

It’s been in the 80s (for the first time this year!) this week, so a smoothie bowl felt just about right for breakfast. My smoothie bowls had been massive the past few times, so I scaled back all the ingredients but kept my ratios so it would still taste good! Frozen mixed berries, plain Greek yogurt, frozen mango, milk.


I topped with with vanilla crunch cereal, banana slices, and honey. It’s better with granola than cereal though!

Lunch was a blogger fail…It came out pretty ugly and I had the feeling I was supposed to take a picture, but it wasn’t pretty. I made pizza eggs with leftover pizza sauce and mozzarella. Here’s a recycled picture:


Instead of avocado toast on the side, I made a super delicious and simple salad of butter lettuce dressed just with fancy white balsamic, salt and pepper, and truffle goat cheese. Plus some Quaker Cheddar Rice Cakes. Those things are crazy good.

Some exciting news from Monday was that my t-shirt quilts came! I think I mentioned this already, but I sent a whole bunch of old softball t-shirt to Project Repat to be made into a t-shirt quilt and they came out super well!

IMG_3319 IMG_3321 IMG_3323

A certain someone was really into them, and curled up under them within minutes. He LOVES digging through clothes, and he loves fleece, so these cozy blanket quilts are this kitty’s dream!

My afternoon snack was the usual:


That evening, I taught my spin class. My family was hoping to go to Sweetgreen again, but it was randomly closed. We had Chloe, so in search of outdoor seating options, we opted for Gott’s Roadside, which is sort of like a gourmet burger stand type of restaurant. We were intrigued after passing one in Napa with lines constantly loaded.


I celebrated the beautiful weather with a Stella.IMG_3327

Can you tell my family likes ketchup? We had to laugh when my dad returned with a full sized cup of ketchup.

We shared sweet potato fries and garlic fries.

IMG_3329 IMG_3328

In my opinion, the best way to eat sweet potato fries is with ranch AND ketchup. Things gleaned in college, my friends.

For my main meal, I had a California chicken sandwich on a (massive) lettuce wrap. It came with jack cheese and avocado, and of course I loaded on the ketchup.


Right next door was gourmet ice cream, which we definitely could not pass up! I had salted butterscotch which was delicious but is better with chocolate sauce.


Despite being crazy full after dinner, my body burned through the fuel (thanks to a hard spin class) and I was hungry around 9pm. I hate my usual brown rice cake with whipped berry cream cheese while watching the Giants win(!). Here’s to May, my friends!