I’m coming back at you guys with another quick and easy recipe today! I’m sharing 3 different varieties of tortilla pizza (and if you’re interested in a nearly full day of eating, that will be at the end!)

During my senior year of college, the gluten free option on pizza day would often be tortilla pizzas, made with corn tortillas. I ended up having them about once a week, because it seems like college students like pizza! They definitely grew on me, and soon I was dreaming up different combinations of flavors.

These are super simple to whip up, and you really can do anything with them!

The basic method: I’ve tried this a few ways now, but I think the best would be to do tortilla+sauce+cheese+toppings and bake at 400 until the cheese melts. An alternative method would be to simply put them in on broil, until the cheese is bubbly. The only problem with this is that the tortilla browns pretty quickly. Ii might suggest 400 until the cheese starts to melt, then crank it up to broil.

The first pizza is gorgonzola pear, and it’s actually featured in my first vlog, so check it out if you want a more detailed explanation!

IMG_6172 IMG_6178

For these, start with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese, then add a layer of spinach, then sliced pear, and sprinkle of gorgonzola cheese, and finally, a drizzle of balsamic. These also work well with peaches!

Pizza #2 is BBQ chicken!

IMG_2505 IMG_2506

For this one, I did pizza sauce, topped with spinach, then mozzarella. On top of that was packaged BBQ pulled chicken (I used Trader Joe’s) with some red peppers. I think this would also be delicious with a drizzle of ranch, but I couldn’t find any on this particular day.

The final pizza is chicken veggie.

IMG_3273 IMG_3274

On top of the tortilla, pizza sauce, and mozzarella, I added grilled chicken, steamed broccoli (don’t knock it ’til you try it!), and sautéed veggies: onion, red pepper, and mushrooms. This was a true throwback to the pizzas I would have in college.

IMG_3275 IMG_3276

^This was actually last night’s dinner!

We’re going to go into a little food recap of yesterday to close out the blog.

That morning, my friends came over before their respective works (I had the day off) to walk Chloe. We ended walking for over an hour, so when I got back, I had 20 minutes to eat breakfast and get ready for yoga.


I went with a quick digesting smoothie of blueberries, spinach, milk, and half of a flapjacked chocolate smoothie mix.

The only other food picture I have is the full pizza meal! We had a side of garlic roasted green beans and mushrooms.


For dessert, I pulled a pig decorated dulce de leche cupcake out of the freezer. I warmed it a little too long though, and it was just so sad looking that I’ll spare the picture!