Hello, hello! I’m off to Napa Valley later this morning, but first I’m hitting you with a full day of eating from Friday!

I started my morning with 20 minutes of HIIT on the spin bike+a Blogilates Ab workout.

8:30am: Breakfast


2% plain Greek yogurt with sunbutter and KIND cinnamon granola+a navel orange from our CSA.

12-1pm: Lunch

IMG_3130 IMG_3131

Another smoothie! This one was a much more drinkable texture and tasted amazing, but I could tell it wasn’t enough food/calories. Half a cup of frozen blueberries, a handful of spinach, 2/3c milk, and half a packet of flapjacked chocolate protein smoothie mix.

3:15pm: “Snack”/Lunch #2


Leftover roasted carrot, grape, and quinoa bowl (with chicken) and a probiotic drink. Yeah, I need to stop packing meals immediately after eating breakfast when I’m full because this wasn’t enough calories either. I was physically full thanks to the volume of fizzy drink, but I was pretty hungry by dinner and feeling depleted.

This day of meal was a little bit of a fail because I didn’t get enough food in early in the day, so I was a little too hungry at dinner, and I had a lot of calories to make up which doesn’t make my body happy.

This day of work was SO much quieter than the previous day which was very much needed.

7pm: Happy hour+dinner.

When I got home, we split a new craft beer 3 ways. Then, we got takeout from our favorite Mexican place, which I honestly don’t think I’ve had in over 2 years.


I got teriyaki tacos: rice, peppers, chicken, teriyaki sauce, fruit, cheese. I skipped the flour tortillas and ate the insides.

On the side was a simple salad with goat cheese and white balsamic, carrots dipped in guacamole, and a few bites of my dad’s rice and corn tortillas.


8pm: Dessert. Chocolate halo top, half a piece of banana marble bread from the freezer, fudge sauce, and whipped cream.


9pm: Typical rice cake snack. Why is this so good? Half whipped berry cream cheese, half whipped chive cream cheese.


I definitely feel like I could have done better with this day of eating. Honestly, I know how much food I need numerically and I should have trusted that, rather than decided, hey, I’m not hungry now so I won’t be later. Oops. Lesson learned.

Check back in Monday for a recap of our Napa adventures, and to see how my Achilles fares with a 5k race!