Hello! I have some “weekend A” adventures. Because of my work schedule, I had Thursday and Friday off, work Saturday, and then will be off Sunday. So this is sort of like my first weekend, part 1 of 2? No complaints here though!

I’m going to bring it back to Wednesday food. And then discuss things. And then weekend A fun!

As you may have seen from my last day in the life post, I’ve been trying different things to adapt to a later eating schedule. I’m typically a very strict eater in the sense that I’m hungry early for breakfast, hungry right at noon, have a mid-afternoon snack, and dinner at a normal time. To try and deal with 3pm lunches, I’ve been trying to push back my breakfasts until 9 or 9:30, and have something bigger and more protein packed. On Wednesday morning, this was a smoothie with 2/3 of a packet of salted caramel protein, a banana, milk, and some cocoa powder, plus Berry Cheerios.


The morning at work was really hectic, so when I broke for lunch at 3, I was feeling pretty drained. My lunch was a turkey wrap with an entire container of blackberries.


During my 3-4pm lunch break, I ended up breaking into my afternoon snack of a Gingerbread Bobo’s bar, and eating about 2/3, and then eating the last 1/3 around 5:30.


I was only planning on half the bar as a snack, so breaking into it early wasn’t the plan. I broke into my snack bar during lunch break the previous day as well. The problem is definitely not that I’m eating too much overall, it’s that my calories are so backloaded, and so many at once, that I just feel really blah. I’m never quite hungry for dinner, and my body doesn’t respond well to large doses of calories at once.

Dinner was lemon chicken soup with roasted asparagus.


So….my plans for dealing with the new meal timing haven’t really been working. I’m still eating the same amount per day, but my body just feels off. I find myself craving more things when each meal strikes as well. Luckily, my next few days of work are more normal schedules, but I have some new ideas about how to face this challenge.

I’m going to go back to my more normal breakfast, at a normal time, and I’m going to pack a snack to eat at “normal lunchtime” aka 12-1ish. It’s really hard for me to get away from the treatment room during this time, but I could sip on something, so I’m planning on trying to pack a smoothie (with plenty of protein+produce) to act as “lunch” and then pack a normal lunch to eat during my lunch break, which is my normal snack time. And then eliminate the 5:30 snack. So it should be the same amount of food, but spaced out better and without a large gap of time where I don’t consume anything. So we shall see.

My “weekend” started Thursday morning with a spin class, followed by a speedy and mostly pain free 1.5 mile run on the treadmill. This was a really good sign for my Achilles! If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I have a 5k coming up in just over a week. No crazy goals, just to be healthy enough to race it and have a good time. It’s more of a destination race than anything else—we’re going to Napa with Chloe!

My morning included a lot of this:

IMG_2880 IMG_2883

Lunch was leftover soup+avocado toast.


The main event of the day was a Giants game with my college friend!

IMG_2884 IMG_2885

We went for Stanford night at the ballpark, and got these nice shirts:


We got there plenty early to walk around the ballpark and grab food. It was her first Giants game, and she loved the ballpark! Our dinner of choice was Blue Moon+flatbread. I got the cauliflower truffle flatbread, as per usual. It’s just so good!

IMG_2890 IMG_2892

We had a nice view from the left field bleachers.

The game went pretty fast for the first 5 or so innings, with little scoring. Unfortunately, we did not end up on top of the little scoring, as the Giants lost.

My friend did not take my warnings about the chilly weather quite seriously enough, so we decided Ghiradelli hot chocolates were very much necessary.


This was delicious, and easily the richest hot chocolate I’ve ever had. It was BLACK, and was little drinking a melted chocolate bar. SO good, but I couldn’t finish it!

We snuck out before the last inning to avoid traffic, and were treated to quite the view of the park from the outside. There’s nothing quite like San Francisco at night.

IMG_2895 IMG_2898

I started Friday morning with a spin class, and then cleaned myself up and got a pedicure with my mom. I realized after the fact that this is probably the worst picture of my nails, but they’re a light peachy pink color—for spring!

Afterwards, I went to lunch and then took a trip to the mall, in search of a dress for Easter. I found a few things, but I’m not sure what I”m going to end up wearing come Sunday. Stay tuned, I suppose!

In the evening, I rocked my new t-shirt to Crossfit.


For strength, I worked my way up to 5 reps at 195# deadlifts, and 2 reps at 100# bench press. The WOD was a quick one. 10 minutes of push ups, overhead squats, burpees, toes to bar, and pull ups.

After Crossfit, we had a little happy hour beer flight of March’s beers of the month. I was excited for this one, thanks to the presence of peach wheat beer and oatmeal milk stout.


I enjoyed all of these, but none of them stood out to be OMG amazing. The milk stout had a bit of a smoky flavor. I think the peach was my favorite; it had a really strong, refreshing peach flavor without being sweet.

For dinner, my sister and fiancé came over, and we grilled. My sister made chimichurri sauce, so we both had marinated and grilled tofu. Sides included a salad with goat cheese and dried cranberries, roasted fingerling potatoes, grilled pepper, and grilled pineapple.


And yes, grilled tofu is good with ketchup. Honestly, what isn’t??

The main event, and main reason for this get together though, was dessert. My sister promised homemade gelato to my dad for his birthday a few months ago, and she and her fiancé finally delivered. Her fiancé enjoys roasting his own beans and making his own chocolate, and they both spent the fall in Italy, and took gelato making classes while there. This gelato was rich, chocolatey, and amazingly smooth.

IMG_2906 IMG_2907

Um, YES.

Ok, I have to leave for work soon (it’s now Saturday morning), so I’ll see you guys after weekend B?