Aaaand we’re back with a “weekend” recap. I use quotes here because I was working 8-5 on Saturday. I knew I would want to celebrate my first week of work, so I suggested “puppy hour.” A lot of downtown in the town I work in is super dog friendly, so at 5 my parents brought Chloe and we met at a casual bar for happy hour. We’re trying to get Chloe better at going places, and this was a successful outing!

IMG_2763 IMG_2765

We got a couple of half pours to try, and a milk stout to share. One was a really interesting blueberry cheesecake stout, and the other was called “Free Kittens,” so we had to get it. The Free Kittens beer was a delicious rice based lager (I didn’t know that was a think), and appropriately, it was from a brewery really close to where I’m going for vet school!

IMG_2768 IMG_2769

After puppy hour, we walked a few blocks over to pizza! Chloe managed to eat her entire rawhide bone while we munched on a brussels sprouts salad and a gluten free pizza margarita.

IMG_2771 IMG_2773

After dinner, I suggested a short walk to froyo. The froyo is a block from work, and it was a frequent favorite when I worked there a couple of years ago! I had chocolate, birthday cake, and guava froyo with chocolate covered raisins, chocolate chips, and various sauces.


Sunday morning I went to a spin class with one of my original favorite instructors. Hers was the first spin class I ever went to! I haven’t been in well over a year, and the technology has upgraded the format of the class. It was called “threshold ride,” and used computers on a screen. We started at the beginning of class with taking 3 minutes to find a “threshold” power, which was a max power. Then, the screen would display what percentage of your max power you were at, so we went through intervals with goal percentages. It was a good one! I love knowing EXACTLY what I’m doing in a spin class.

The best part? My achilles is feeling better! It was totally fine for class. I found my plantar fasciitis sock that helps stretch out that area, so I wore it last night. Plus, I rolled out my calves before class and everything felt so much better.

For post-workout lunch, I made an old go-to Quick and Easy meal.


An egg scramble with sweet potato (this is Japanese), spinach, egg, and a high quality cheese. I used to make this after long runs in college. While I made it on the stovetop, the eggs can easily be cooked in the microwave. I microwaved my sweet potato. Which was a little bit of a disaster. The first attempt apparently cooked faster than usual and I pulled a smoking potato out of the microwave. My hands smelled like smoke all day, despite my best efforts.

After lunch, it was time for opening day!


We had beer flights for the occasion.

IMG_2777 IMG_2778

The Xingu was my favorite by far! It was a black lager, and was dark yet refreshing with subtle sweetness (described as raisin). I’m actually considering ordering more than just our couple of sample bottles.

Unfortunately, the game didn’t end as I would have hoped, but there was definitely some epic-ness, as our starting pitcher hit 2 HRs, which has never happened before on Opening Day!

For dinner post-baseball, I made my California Nicoise Salad.


My dad grilled the chicken, and everything came out deliciously!

For dessert, I tried the Flapjacked Double Chocolate cookies, again subbing egg whites and applesauce for the butter and egg. I didn’t overcook them this time, so that helped too! Seriously, these are just as tasty¬†without butter.


As I said the other day, you can’t really go wrong with warm cookies, right?

That was my weekend! i have tomorrow and Tuesday off though, and I’m hoping that the time off my feet will really give me an opportunity to nip this tendonitis.

Did you watch Opening Day?