Greetings (again) from Tennessee! I’m currently blogging from my dorm (I just graduated and am back in dorms already—haha! This is seriously the nicest dorm ever though…apartment style). I’m in the kitchen while steaming some snap peas. The snap peas were pretty awful raw—super fibrous and hard. I’m hoping I can soften them up a bit!

I think it’s been hot here, but I’ve actually been FREEZING all day inside! And I didn’t pack  single long sleeve shirt to wear for warmth. IMG_7750

I wanted to talk a bit about food+fitness while I’m here. I currently don’t have a gym membership or a Crossfit membership, and I’m trying to figure out how I want to do things. I’m not off soon enough to make any evening Crossfit classes, but I could potentially make a 5:30am one. That being said, what I’m doing is important and I really don’t want to be tired all day, or the days will be rough. I might get some drop in Crossfit classes and go 2x/week, or I might do a gym membership and go after I get off. Crossfit is about 4 miles closer than the nearest gym though, and a lot of gyms are really hard to join for a month (because they’re impossible to cancel). This all would be a lot easier if I could just go for a run for exercise! I’m hoping that by the end of my time here I’ll be able to a bit. So far, my foot is feeling good, despite long hours standing on it.

Workouts so far this week:

Monday night (after dinner): 15 minute Blogilates abs video: Extreme Abs 3. Who knows, maybe I’ll be crazy out of shape but have super strong abs by the end of the summer??

Tuesday night: I did the inside of Murph (sort of). There’s plenty of space in my dorm to exercise, so I did 100 sit ups (in place of pull ups), 200 push ups, 300 squats. I broke that up into 20 rounds of 5-10-15. It felt SO much easier than actually doing Murph! I did work up a little sweat though.


That did have me craving harder workouts again though! Still not sure what I want to do.

In terms of food, I’ve been sort of lazy. Breakfasts have been Luna bar+fruit (I had the BEST watermelon on Monday!). Lunches have been packed—nothing complicated because I was super tired by the time I got to the grocery and didn’t buy much, plus I wasn’t sure how much time I would have. They’ve just been sunbutter and raspberry jam on gluten free bread. The bread is frozen, so I actually make my sandwich on frozen bread, then stick the whole thing in the fridge the night before. It’s been pretty good by lunchtime! On the side, I’ve been having some of the awful snap peas. I also threw in some blueberries today that I brought with me all the way from California! They are far better than the blueberries I’ve been getting here. For a snack, I’ve been having chocolate cupcake Luna bars. I think they’re growing on me, but today was the last one I had, and they’re hard to find!

Dinners have involved this exciting find:


I mostly was excited to find thin sweet potato that I could quickly sauté up. Dinner on Monday was this served alongside some spinach patties (frozen).


Since this was clearly not enough food, I also had some snacks (banana+frozen grapes, sunbutter and jelly toast).

I actually planned my workout around tonight’s dinner. I wanted to roast some stir fry veggies that I bought, so I wanted something I could do in the dorm while those all were roasting.


I actually ended up eating the entire container because they shrunk SO much! I had that with a hemp+greens veggie burger. I actually loved this! I loved the subtle hemp flavor.


That’s all for now! Still not sure what tomorrow’s workout will look like. I also desperately need to hit up the grocery for more veggies!

What is your favorite at home workout?