I thought I’d do today’s post in a more traditional style, since I was running around most of the day!

I began my morning with a 6am spin class. I woke up feeling a bit rough, but before my alarm since my room gets really warm at night. I had a tetanus shot yesterday, and my body felt really achy. Nothing a little Tylenol couldn’t fix, and I’ve felt fine since then!

The class was with one of my favorite instructors at a local spin studio. The class flies by, and she definitely makes us work hard! It’s one of those classes where your numbers appear on the screen—extra motivation for this competitive girl!

After class was breakfast. I had the last of my Harry and David mangos. Harry and David has the best fruit, and these were possibly the best mangos I’ve ever had. I also had some Strauss (<-best local yogurt, crazy creamy!) plain whole milk greek yogurt with KIND cinnamon granola and sunbutter.


After breakfast, I rushed to get showered up for physical therapy. Its going really well—I just started doing “plyometrics” on my foot. I put this in quotes because they are wimpy plyos. I’m using a leg press to kick and land, with a reduced load. I worked up to 55# today, so we’re getting there! Once I hit my body weight, I should be good to go for real impact like running and jumping (obviously in extreme moderation, working up to it—I’m in no hurry!). I did some extra strengthening exercising today, so I actually got out later than normal, making me late for a coffee meeting with a recent vet school grad who was in my sorority at Stanford and graduated undergrad before I got there. Since I was late, I skipped coffee to have more time to talk. It was super helpful. It also made me realize that in the very near future, my life is going to completely change, forever. I feel like I’m basically pledging my life to cows, which I am actually feeling okay about right now. The unknown though is hard. As are apps.

We finished up at 11:48. I made the decision to race to noon Crossfit (I had my stuff with me in case I got out in time), and managed to change clothes, put my hair up, sign up for class, and drive there, with 2 minutes to spare.

The workout was something I could do completely! It was a low-key day. We did Farmer’s carries, windmills, weighted planks (which my foot finally allows me to do), hollow body holds, and glute bridges. We also had to do 6 60s sprints on the assault bike (these are terrible), which we did throughout the other sets.

I arrived home for a fairly late lunch, and snacked on carrots and a few crackers with apricot goat cheese while I prepped my food.


Leftover avocado soup, minus the chicken since it was all gone. For protein, I made an egg. On the side, I had 1.5 parmesan corn muffins with some earth balance spread (I like the taste of it). I also had the last few bites of plum crisp.

After lunch, it was time to get to work on vet school apps. I input ALL my transcript info, which was a big step.

Dinner was grated zucchini sautéed and quesadillas—stuffed with monterey jack, spinach, mushrooms, and rotisserie chicken.

IMG_7679 IMG_7680

I’m pretty sure other snacks were consumed throughout the day, but I can’t remember at the moment!