Hello! Happy Wednesday! It’s currently Tuesday night. I know I haven’t been posting much but honestly it just hasn’t been a priority, and not a lot has called to me. I’m unsure what that means for the future-I think I’m actually going to have a ton of content this summer thanks to different workouts, cooking, and…PUPPY!

That’s right-my family is getting a puppy this summer and I’m actually going to be home! My parents were able to look at the puppies last week so here’s a bit of a photo dump because PUPPIES.

IMG_2177 IMG_0224 IMG_0210 IMG_0138 IMG_0140 IMG_0126

Ahhhh I can’t wait! We get our puppy the week my finals start! SO CLOSE.

So what have I been up to? Lots and lots of sorority stuff, since I’m in charge of all our new members this quarter. We had a S’mores night tonight that I planned and we all learned that I know nothing about fires.

IMG_2202 IMG_2221

Other things-lots of vet stuff. This past weekend I worked at the vet Saturday morning-and it was an intense morning-and then I had  Pre-Vet Expo all day Sunday where a lot of vets and vet students came to talk to us! I am dying to get some cow experience.

Totally unrelated, but last night I was finally able to make it to a slow-pitch softball game! IT. WAS. AWESOME.


I forgot how much I lovelovelove the game of softball. I truly feel like myself when I’m out there! I luckily wasn’t as rusty as I was expecting, and managed to go 2 for 3, and my team won by a lot against a good opponent!

And finally-Spin is going awesomely. I’m starting to get some regulars, and I love the energy! I’m also starting to learn what works and doesn’t work to keep myself and the class engaged. Tonight’s class was intense but a ton of fun! I’m also getting better at doing more on the fly-I hadn’t practiced today’s playlist and was pleasantly surprised by the energy in the combination of music I put together! More exciting things are on the horizon regarding spin as well. Also, now that my stomach is feeling better and I’m not severely sleep deprived, I’m realizing how much better I can teach!

And finally-do you guys remember #365daysofselfies-my project to do a selfie a day for a year? Want to know what’s crazy? Tomorrow marks the last day. Wow. It truly has been an aye-opening and transformative experience, so expect a full post on that. I definitely learned things I never expected to from my year, and it was an amazing way to capture some truly huge moments in my life. I may actually split it into 2 posts. We shall see.

Do you ever take selfies?