Hey guys! I don’t have anything major to say but I wanted to pop in!

I only have a couple of food pictures. The first is this green juice-it’s delicious!


I have a GIANT bottle left over from my birthday party (party animal right?) that I need to finish! I seriously considered doing a mini juice cleanse just because this bottle is basically the entire contents of my fridge right now!

Picture #2: the most perfect mango. Ever. Seriously-it’s beautiful!


I still have 9 more of them 🙂 Sign #1 that mangoes are going to be good is that they go on sale-5 for $5 so I basically had no choice.

On the workout front, I am S-O-R-E. Again. Seriously-every time I do my own workouts it kills me! I’m realizing that I’m kind of out of a certain shape. I have decent strength and endurance, but man. This morning I did weights on my own and I’m already feeling it-but hopefully in places that won’t hinder my ability to walk as much as squats last week did!

Here’s what I did:

Back lunges, sets of 3 each leg. I worked up to #135. Can you believe in high school I used to do these at #195? Granted I probably went lower this time, but man things have changed! I loved back lunges so I did them all the time because they were my favorite, and I guess I’ve lost all muscle there!

3 sets of single leg RDLs at #50, interchanged with calf raises

3 sets: push ups, lowering very slowly (10)/1 min plank with #25 plate on my back (yet another thing I used to be able to do for daysss)

500m max effort row

It’s crazy how this used to be a basic workout for me that I did all the time, and now I’m already majorly sore! Same with what I did last week!

As if I hadn’t already seen how out of shape I was, this afternoon I did some softball agility drills because slow pitch is starting and I feel old and like I’ll pull every muscle in my body if I just go out there without any fitness prep. I haven’t done sprints in AGES, much less agility drills. I did abs at the end and my legs were already talking to me. Crazy how things change…


Another thing I thought I’d mention is an interesting consequence of my stomach issues. For the record, I’m feeling probably 90% fine now, but it’s still the cause of some worry to me! The thing is, it’s majorly messing with my eating habits and therefore making me kind of crazy. I’ve gotten into these cycles where I’d feel bad and not eat very much, to eating ALL. THE. FOOD. when I was feeling better, which naturally my stomach did not like. The other problem with this is it’s been giving me these crazy emotional highs and lows because I’ll constantly spike my blood sugar. Plus there’s stress associated with wondering if overeating will kill my stomach. Anyways, I’m trying to regulate this a little bit. I’m trying to choose whole, fresh, healthy foods that won’t make me crazy and hopefully things will even out again. It’s just made the quarter more stressful than it needs to be! I think eating habits are always a working progress though because things are always changing. I am optimistic that I’ll be back to normal soon!

In what ways are you fit now?

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  1. caileejoy

    That mango is perfect!! …and I hope that everything feels better with your stomach!! I know first hand how annoying a seriously sensitive tummy can be… I have to eat gluten and dairy free 🙁 …just to feel ‘normal’!! It stinks, but it does help! Wishing you luck with finding what works for you!

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