It’s been over a week now that I’ve avoided dairy/gluten/all nuts including coconut. So what have I been eating? I’m sort of obsessed with rice cakes, which is really a good thing given I have about 4 things of them right now (oops). Also-mangoes are officially in season! As are blueberries-YAY! So here’s a few snapshots of the past week.


BBQ chicken salad-BBQ chicken from Trader Joe’s, avocado, corn, tomato, tortilla chips, red pepper, and a simple lime/olive oil dressing


Chicken with ketchup, roasted broccoli. Super basic.


Chicken, roasted broccoli, and a sweet potato with non-dairy butter (Earth Balance).


Papaya+ Sunbutter&J rice cake.


Salad, chicken, microwave brown rice and quinoa.


Guacamole salad with chicken.


My pre-long run meal, which has kind of evolved and morphed in the best few years. In theory, it is banana+egg pancakes. But it has to be microwave friendly. And I always used to add cocoa powder but chocolate hasn’t been treating my stomach well (I’m a hot mess clearly). And then I started throwing in oats for more carbs!


First meal back at the dining hall-turkey burger, salad, steamed veggies. This was pretty much the only stuff friendly to my super restrictive diet…




Hummus salad with chicken, plus a fruit bar. I like finishing on something sweet!


Breakfast-an egg+veggies, a pear with sun butter.


I really liked this fruit bar from Trader Joe’s! It was chia and flax seeds for a little texture and staying power!


Hummus salad with egg.


Dining hall meal-roasted cauliflower, quinoa and yams, lentils, and chicken curry over rice.


Easter egg+mango. Classic.



Typical dining hall meal.



More eggs, shockingly. This time in the form of egg salad! FYI-egg salad over plain lettuce is super boring. To create this, I got to be the super cool person who brought back a big bowl of mayo and mustard from the dining hall. Yum?

Any favorite gluten/dairy/nut free foods I should try?

4 comments on “Elimination Diet Eats

  1. Ashley @MilesonOats

    Oh my goodness, I just ate dinner less than a hour ago and your making me want a huge sweet potato and peanut butter, and butter! And everything in this post! haha, yum and poor me. If it wasn’t raining and lightning I would probably drive to the store to get a potato. The cravings are real.

    1. astottler Post author

      Sweet potatoes are life!

  2. Matt

    Why are you doing an elimination diet?

    1. astottler Post author

      I’ve had unexplained nausea for about 2 months now!

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