Wow, things have been crazy here lately. I’m in a sorority, and this week is our big formal recruitment!

I think I owe you all some food pictures, especially with my fantastically limited diet. As for how that’s going-I’m not ready to start adding things back yet, and I’m feeling ok. I sometimes feel bad, but it’s pretty good and lately hasn’t been a problem. So I’m feeling PRETTY good.

So-the weekend! I worked on Friday afternoon instead of Saturday because I had a recruitment workshop. I had to pick up my employee key tag from the gym I’m going to start subbing at (which looks exactly like my membership key tag from when I was a member).


And the gym was right across from Whole Foods, so I grabbed dinner there.


Turkey meatloaf, quinoa salads, and normal salad. The real highlight though was raiding the dairy free/gluten free bakery area. I picked up this AMAZING brownie which I think was made with garbanzo beans?


Saturday’s meal schedule was really strange since I had my workshop, but I had a super early dinner of sushi-type of things, which I dipped in vinaigrette. Yeah…


Then, my sister and I got full body massages! I had never had one before, and it was so nice! Although the next day I felt a little bruised. Afterwards, we went out for Pho, because rice noodles are one of the few things I can eat!


Then, I went home for Easter! Yes, we are in our 20s and still do egg hunts.

IMG_0014 IMG_0013

Also-know what is gluten and dairy free? Jelly beans. YUM. I had so many! Because Easter is one of the times where candy mid-morning is 100% acceptable.

After the hunt-we ended up not finding anywhere near all of them, although we found one with a giant hole far from where it started so maybe animals played a hand-we met up with my grandma and uncle for brunch at a fancy hotel.

I actually managed pretty well to avoid gluten/dairy/nuts.


I brought my own soy sauce in my purse that was gluten free. Cute. Sushi, smoked salmon, salad, chicken.


Corn taco with beans, guac, rice, and salsa. Plus more sushi and jasmine rice.

I also had some dessert. I had a few bites of gluten/dairy containing things, but I think it was ok, especially since I’m doing a full other week of total elimination. My favorite was peach crisp!

After brunch, we did some egg dying!


Which is what I will be eating for the next week straight. These are all for me:


In other news, I did my last major long run of half training yesterday. It was 9 miles, and it was a mix of great and really, really sucky. Saturday-Monday I was dealing with really bad allergies (that always occur the week of formal recruitment), so my lungs felt disgusting. My stomach was kind of off so I felt gross. And my new shoes are definitely not ready to be raced in. HOWEVER. My legs felt fantastic! They weren’t even tired, so I’m taking that as a good sign! That being said, I still have no expectations for race day. It will definitely depend on how I feel!

What did you do for Easter?

5 comments on “Easter+Everything

  1. Sky @ Blonde Freedom

    Sadly I slept all day on Easter because I had just gotten back from a school trip to San Diego. I love that y’all still hunt Easter eggs. We do too at my house, but don’t get near as many eggs. I love dyeing Easter eggs! Yours look so pretty and vibrant!

    1. astottler Post author

      Thank you!

  2. Rina

    I spent Easter evening with a man friend! 😉 I didn’t do much the day of, though, other than homework and grocery shopping. My family’s not big on Easter.
    Which half are you training for?

    1. astottler Post author

      The Napa Silverado trail half!

  3. Elsie Goycoolea

    I am happy to know the elimination diet is working and hurray for those jelly beans! 🙂 I have never gone egg hunting but sounds so much fun no matter the age.

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