Hey guys! I’ve been wanting to do a day in the life post for a few weeks now, but things were so crazy it just wasn’t going to happen because I couldn’t think straight, much less keep track of not thinking straight! Here’s Wednesday-I have the most class on Wednesday than any other day.

7am: Wake up. Before my alarm! I went to bed plenty of early the night before. Prepare to run. Realize I’m feeling a little sick-not bad, just noticeable, and curse at my body for a little bit. Know that running will likely help.

Eat 2 dates pre-run.



Break out my bright pants. I often wear these for morning runs because the odds I am going to not be seen by a car in these is 0.


Realize I have to get my key off my key chain which is currently duct taped shut. My key ring likes to eject keys and last week that got me locked out. Angrily rip off duct tape.


Today’s route is a hill run that I haven’t run yet this year! 5 miles, 3 off the road so I load up my audiobook-it turns out it actually did remember my place!


7:45: Out the door for a run. The hill wasn’t as bad as I was expecting (I’ve run this 1000x) but I don’t feel bad about walking when it gets super steep. Plus, the view is too bad!


(Note that this is an old picture because I won’t lug around my phone, it’s much greener now!)

8:45: Return to my dorm. My stomach feels better but not 100%, and I know breakfast could make or break how I’m feeling. Since it’s really hard for me to tell what aggrevates things, I’m trying really hard to eat intuitively and listen to what I feel might be good. I felt like a few sips of kombucha might help.


I don’t think I’ve tried this flavor before, and it’s good! Then-breakfast time!


Cheesy eggs look good, but cheese might be a problem for my stomach so I settle for regular eggs and some spinach from the cheesy eggs. Plus an apple and sun butter.


I try to eat sloooowwwwllyy-if I eat the right amount of food and don’t get too full, I should be ok! I didn’t end up finishing this.

9:10: Start packing my lunch and packing up for backpack. If I do this before I shower, I’m much more likely to make it out on time. The lunch plan was a salad with hummus, goat cheese, and hardboiled eggs, but I switch it up because I didn’t wake up feeling 100%. Hummus sandwich!


9:20: Shower+get ready. I hop out of the shower at 9:40 and am running late yet again!

9:53: leave for class.


Don’t mind all the views from my beautiful campus. Oh, and it’s 70 and sunny today.

10-10:50: Physics lecture.


11-12:15: Physics section. You may see this view on my blog a lot. It’s because between lecture, lab, office hours, and section, I basically live at the Physics building.


12:15: Realize I should show you what I’m wearing! Bathroom selfies only will occur on day in the life posts.




I also manage to snag my selfie of the day for #365daysofselfies. Not my best effort, but not terrible either.


12:20: Lunchtime! Head over to my typical lunch/homework spot near the Physics building.


Lunch is definitely messy. I think to myself how glad I am that I don’t typically run into people I know in this area! It’s a hummus sandwich with lettuce and hardboiled egg.


12:40: Begin typing this post. Get slightly annoyed by how long my pictures are taking to upload-it ruins my blogging mojo!

1:08 Go to my token class in the quad. Did I mention my school is pretty?

IMG_1431 IMG_1432

The quad is also beautiful at night. I walked around here at night last week and it was breathtaking.

1:15 Physiology section. Endocrine+reproduction.


2:05: Snack+working on Chem homework.




3:15-4:30: Comparative Physiology of Mammals. Today’s class is low key-we learn about the professor’s work with elephants! It’s nice to have a little break in intensity-the past two weeks I had a presentation and a midterm in that class!



4:45: Watch Netflix because class let out early and I’m a college student.


Then I spend some time doing reading and sending emails while waiting for dinner. I’m starving so I eat a single date because I don’t want to ruin my appetite!

6:30 I meet up with 2 friends for dinner downtown. We end up at a local diner, and are STARVING. I get a salad with chicken and a side of cornbread. Hit. The. Spot.

IMG_1439 IMG_1440

8:30: Return to dorm to check Chem homework. I have a chocolate craving so I whip up a banana, coconut oil, cocoa powder, and a touch of maple syrup.


It was delicious but ugh-chocolate is still bad for my stomach. Noted.

8:45-10: Talk about life and our passion for science with a friend. These informal dorm conversations are seriously one of the best parts about college!

Now: Thinking about what work I can do and when I should go to bed…I have no intentions of being up late though!