First of all, I’m currently so grateful that I was planning on writing this post between classes, because it meant I brought my laptop with me. There’s a class I really need to take next quarter that fills up quickly, and for some reason the enrollment wasn’t open. They sent an email this morning saying it was open while I was in class, which my friend saw within a minute of it being sent. I immediately pulled out my laptop….and got the last spot. PHEW.




Do you ever have one of those weeks when you want to eat super healthily? I mean, consistency is most important, but maybe you want to spend a week refreshing yourself for one reason or another-to feel better, to look better, because you have an event or a dress or a race.

Well, here’s a reason I am SURE no one in the healthy living world has used before.

I need to eat super healthy this week so I can cut up a dead rat on Friday.

Uhhh….yeah. After a rough experience with the pig on Friday, I want to do everything in my power to ensure my stomach is as happy as possible going in and I am feeling my best…Ever since my caffeine overdose, I haven’t been feeling the best. For some reason I’ve had trouble eating in the mornings, and after Friday’s pig experience, I felt sick a lot after eating, especially if it was junk.


I’m sick of feeling sick, and hopefully eating really well between now and Friday will get me through the lab. Ohhh the life of a bio major.

In terms of workouts, yesterday’s was a good one. The strength was front squats-3 every minute for 8 minutes, adding weight each minute. The WOD was a 15 minute AMPRAP:

5 toes to bar/knees to elbow

10 dumbbell push presses

15 squats

I surprised myself and actually flew through this workout-I got 11 rounds plus something.

Then, this morning I went to Crossfit as well, although not as planned. I normally do the 6am on Tuesdays because I have earlier class, but I was up pretty late working on homework, and my alarm was set to less than 4 hours from the time I went to sleep. My phone must have made the executive decision that this was not ok, because it failed to go off and I woke up 5 minutes after I would’ve had to leave. I decided to just go to the 7am, and be super rushed getting to class, but it was fine. The workout was power cleans for strength, and a sprint/hang clean, burpee combo for 15 minutes.

I realize this was a crazy random post but oh well!

Have you ever done a dissection?

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  1. Matt

    Ugh I’ve been eating terrible lately 🙁

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