Hey guys! I haven’t done a “normal” post in a while, let’s let’s hop to it!

This morning, I started out with a track workout. I’m following a 3 week cycle for my track workouts: 10x400m, 5x1000m, 6x600m. Today was 10x400m, so the second time through the cycle. I have to say, it was night and day different from my first round! It may be that it was warmer because it’s going to rain here soon, but I just felt 1000x better and faster. Go figure!

After a long bike ride back (why do I live on the opposite side of campus?), I stopped at the dining hall for breakfast for my current usual-eggs with cream cheese, some type of fruit (today was mandarin oranges), and a pancake with butter.


While we’re at it, yesterday’s breakfast in the room was a good one too. Cottage cheese, berry compote, and sun butter.


Since I was done with class by lunchtime, I decided to head back to the dining hall and save one of my pre-made lunches for another time.

The flatbread was the star of the show.


Bleu cheese and pear, with a blueberry balsamic reduction. Um, what?? Seconds were necessary. Plus a coconut lemon macaroon bar.


I spent the afternoon running some errands and doing other work, before going to an evening spin class. I did a few minutes of rowing and abs beforehand since I was early. The spin class was pretty good. I miss my classes back home, but I really need to get back on the bike! I’m actually doing a Spinning workshop on Sunday. For Spinning certification, I need a certain number of continuing education units every 2 years, and this workshop counts towards those. I’m excited-I’ll be sure to recap what I learn!

No picture of dinner today because I’m lame, so here’s yesterday’s.


Chicken caesar salad, roasted carrots, quinoa, and a shepard’s pie. I’ve never had shepard’s pie before and wasn’t a big fan. Plus it said vegetarian, and I didn’t trust that and couldn’t tell what meat might have been in it. So that’s that! I hope everyone’s week is going well!

Any plans for the weekend?

I’m also going on a field trip, which should be cool!

4 comments on “Speedwork Round 2

  1. Rina

    Our team’s recruiting, so we’re exciting to meet prospective athletes! And my coach and I planned a few track workouts every Friday to improve my mile time! Very exciting weekend on the athletic front. Otherwise, lots of homework.

    On another note, have you tried doing 6 x (400m, 200m recovery, 200m)? They killed my legs.

    1. astottler Post author

      That’s very exciting! Hopefully you guys get some great people! And I will definitely try that!

  2. Elsie @ Sharing Healthiness

    I have never heard of vegetarian Sheperd’s Pie. That is interesting! I really haven’t been doing much speed work lately as the weather is killing me! Have a great weekend!

    1. astottler Post author

      You too!

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