Hey guys! I’m just quickly popping in here before I drive down to LA. We were supposed to leave half an hour ago but we are still waiting…(As you can see by the time stamp, I didn’t finish this before leaving.)

I’m going to go through this morning pretty quickly!

Wake up. Eat Cranberry Banana Bread. Do this WOD:


5 DB Hang Power Clean (45/25)
10 Toes to Bar
15 Wall Ball

Rest 10 min


5 DB Ground to Overhead
10 Burpee
15 Sit Up

I thought the first 15 minute AMRAP was worse, but I also got more reps in the first so I don’t know! It was definitely a quad burner though!

Fridays I only have one class, so after class I went to the mall to replace my iPod. I met up with my mom for lunch there and we went to the Neiman Marcus cafe (it’s a high end mall).

We’d only been there once before but we certainly remembered the popovers that they serve!


With strawberry butter. So delicious!

For my main course, I got a turkey and roasted pear salad, which was delicious as well. I knew I wouldn’t get many vegetables over the weekend, so I wanted to fill up on them then!


Then, my mom and I split a flour less chocolate torte. It was amazing! The perfect amount of rich chocolatey-ness!


After lunch, I had a ton of applications and emails to do so we stopped in a cafe for Wifi and pastries. I got a chocolate chip brioche.


And I got a ton done! I’m excited about things to come!

I’ll leave you with that-Disneyland recap to come!

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  1. Liv @ Healthy Liv

    I’ve never had a popover but I’ve seen them and they look delicious! And I LOVE flourless chocolate cake…yum!!!

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