Happy week before Thanksgiving! I officially have 1.5 days of classes before I get to return home! So what’s new?


The view around campus. Who says California doesn’t have fall?

Yesterday morning began with the typical Wednesday 6 mile run. My feet felt surprisingly good-no clue why!

Post run was my typical dining hall breakfast of a yogurt bowl, but also some veggies. I love when they have them at breakfast!


After classes, I stopped by a cafe and grabbed a salad.


It ended up being pretty wimpy. No match for my runger! I went back for a blueberry bran muffin-perfect!


And dinner was a dining hall salad with hummus and chicken, rice, and carrots.


For dessert-the return of pumpkin froyo! I’ve been waiting all year for this! On top of some bread pudding. A great end to the day!


And now I’m back to programming! I have one assignment between me and these guys:


How excited are you for Thanksgiving?

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