Guess what guys? My blogiversary is coming up!I’m not sure how many of you were around here a year ago, but I did a little “12 Days of Christmas” thing to kick it off. I’m going to do the same thing this year, with the same themes for each day! So if you’ve seen the “12 Days of Christmas” tab on my blog, this is why! That means a lot of prep for me over Thanksgiving…oh the struggle of having my blogiversary be during finals week…yeahh I was definitely not procrastinating or anything! In honor of this, I thought I’d do a little throwback post. This date, a year ago. Seriously though, the parallels are insane between this date last year and today. I went for a “longish” run this morning and it was supposed to be my first rainy run….but it held off. It’s supposed to rain today but so far it has held off-I’m even wearing the same jacket! Crazy. Plus, I’m doing a practice spin class tonight after classes. Go figure. 

Happy Wednesday! It’s WIAW-which means you guys get to see a ton of food! Thanks Jenn!



I just got back from an a cappella concert-it’s Big Game week, which means we are playing our rival school. Tonight was “Big Sing,” so there were groups from both my school and our rival singing and basically bashing each other the whole time. It was all in good fun, but a mention of a certain loss to USC…too soon. That one hurt. I also couldn’t help but laugh when they sang about grade inflation at my school-in science majors, grade inflation most definitely doesn’t exist.

But back to food! Here are a few things from yesterday.


A snack plate-I finally tried cinnamon laughing cow, and I’m in love! It’s not super sweet, which was a nice surprise! Super delicious on apple chips, just saying.


A leftover cheese souffle (amazing) and a salad with goat cheese and fig balsamic dressing, also amazing.

This morning, my soggy run turned into sunshine when I awake to 0% chance of rain (it had been 80% for the morning). I did my long run for the week-8 miles. Of course, “long run” is kind of an interesting description, given I did 16 a few weeks ago…

I don’t normally eat much before workouts, but this time since it was a longer run, I chowed down on this bar.



The run went pretty well-I didn’t bring my Garmin. And of course, a cappuccino was necessary afterwards.



This was ah-mazing. It probably helped that I’ve had sub-par cappuccinos as of late-Starbucks is just no where near the same.


The obsession continues.

So…I was concerned I wasn’t eating enough vegetables. Which is true. So I packed an insane amount of asparagus for lunch. I threw every seasoning I had on there-garlic (from a jar), nutritional yeast, veggie seasoning, salt and pepper-it was wonderful. The only thing was I could smell the garlic in my backpack through like three bags…


And since it’s WIAW, I even packed a plate. And eating asparagus out of a bag? That’s weird even for me.


Some dates from my 2 lb container. <3

My conclusion from today was that I clearly have not been eating enough veggies. I felt AMAZING all afternoon-I just had so much energy! I’m glad I still have some asparagus leftover for tomorrow! I think veggies at lunch are a lot more appealing for me when they’re cooked.

As I was eating lunch, the skies finally started falling. So grateful I packed a raincoat!


And in case you’re wondering, yes it is really hard to see with this on.

The best part about eating tons of veggies was I didn’t crave everything under the sun when I returned after class. I grabbed a quick snack before heading to the gym.


I did 3×8 minutes on the rowing machine (trying to gain back that extra fitness!) before heading to a spin class. During class, I was thinking-when you get in better shape, it’s not that your muscles burn less when you workout. Partly you can just breathe better, but partly I think it’s an increased pain tolerance. That was my experience with rowing at least, and I’m starting to feel that way again now with spin. If I can get into super awesome shape, it would really benefit me as a spin teacher because I would have some hope of talking to my class without gasping for air. On that note-I am officially certified! I passed the online test, so now I just have to get hired! (Although I want to get CPR certified as well.)

I decided to go to the dining hall after spin.


Grilled chicken, salad, a stuffed tomato, and beets. I pretended the beets were french fried and dipped them in ketchup. It didn’t exactly work-I’m not a beet person.

They had a cooking demonstration going on with little samplers as well.


The cup has ginger carrot soup. It was AMAZING. Super creamy and smooth, with maybe a hint of coconut? SO good. I also tried pop rock chocolate.


It was interesting. The pops were super strong!

I also had this little concoction:


Dark chocolate cocoa powder. Banana. Heat. Mash. Amazing. I topped it with coconut cream. To be honest, I’m not a fan of coconut cream. It’s a little too rich for me!

And also, I have to share with you guys this toy we played with in my Physics lab today. I want one so. badly.



And now I’m off to do homework and decide if I should do a short but soggy track workout tomorrow before lifting…I love the rain…when I’m inside.

Have a great day!

Favorite Thanksgiving food?

The place we normally go has incredible butternut squash soup, served with creme fraiche. I’m sad we’re not going there this year just for that reason!

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  1. Kay Bueno

    Yum that cheese souffle looks so delicious. And secretly. I love pop rocks chocolate. It’s such a weird experience I can’t eat that much of it.

    I’m super excited to eat my mom’s sweet potato casserole. Definitely not healthy, but just screams Thanksgiving to me. 🙂

    1. astottler Post author

      Thanksgiving isn’t the time for healthy, right? Haha!

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