Happy Wednesday!

First things first….YAYYYYY WE WON! NLCS HERE WE COME! #evenyearmagic

SO excited. Such a crazy and stressful game. The playoffs are seriously like a 5 unit class too, in terms of time commitment! Worth it.

Second things second. I ran for the first time on Monday! I did 3 miles with a friend, and it felt good. I was so amazed by how much better my feet felt. And it wasn’t crazy hard like I was sort of expecting, although I definitely wasn’t going fast. I was actually pretty sore from it though! Monday night I started to feel some soreness in my inner thighs, and then this morning my calves were sore. Crazy.

Fitness-wise, I did a 45 minute spin session Tuesday morning pretty early because I had an early morning dental appointment. I was supposed to go to Crossfit Tuesday night-it looked like such a fun one! But then I didn’t want to miss the game so I skipped it. Still bummed but oh well. I’ll go tomorrow. I’ve slacked off a bit on my workouts as of late, so I should get back into that more soon.

Foodwise, I finally managed to capture a picture of the pumpkin muffins my roommate made. They were amazing. She added a brown sugar/butter/cinnamon swirl too. Crazy good.


I got a Trader Joe’s salad to try. It had persimmons! Overall, it was good but very vinegar-y.

IMG_9492 IMG_9493

I went to the dining hall a couple of times Tuesday, which I almost never do (twice in a row that is).

Lunch was Mediterranean. It was just ok. The falafel was pretty hard. But there were roasted carrots, and they were totally amazing.


I wasn’t super hungry for dinner thanks to a cheese and crackers snack beforehand, but I had some good things. Roasted carrots, spanakopita, and a barley stuffed mushroom. I was excited to see the avocado. While I’m certainly not complaining about having avocado, I felt it could have been used better-this was a strange thing to put it on!

In terms of life, besides watching baseball and going to class, the other night I went to a recruitment event that consisted of roasting marshmallows, which was a ton of fun. I inhaled a ton of smoke and left smelling like a forest fire, but it was worth it!


But for now, there is lots of CS in my future!

How do you like your marshmallow? 

I’m a golden brown type of person but I definitely lit mine on fire on accident!

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  1. Elsie @ Sharing Healthiness

    Congrats on your run! That salad looked amazing and persimmons just made it for me 😉
    I love my marshmallows almost burned…the crunch but gooey filling is the best!

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