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Any guesses what I’m going to be for Halloween this year?

I bleed orange and black.

Back into Back to Back Running

Happy midway-through-the-week! How are you all doing? I’m not doing so great. I feel like someone lunched me in the stomach after that last baseball game….Let’s hope we can rally for game 7! The worst part is I have a midterm right through the end of the game…I’m going to be a mess.

There’s a topic I’m thinking about writing, but that’s for another day. I thought I’d go over some workouts as of late! Let’s take it back about a week, shall we?

Wednesday: 5 mile run. Supposed to be 6 but I was running late! Whoops.

Thursday: 45 minute Soul Cycle class. It kills me that I have no way of going to spin regularly. Once the World Series is over, I should be able to fit more spinning in, at least on my own.

Friday: Track workout! It has been months and months and months since my last one. I started out with my favorite-10x400m. I didn’t kill myself on the pace or anything, but I have a lot of work to do! I followed that up with 200 sit ups because I never do abs. Whoops.

Saturday: Rest!

Sunday: 6 mile run. Longest run post-injury-induced running break! It was pretty uneventful, but my pace was a little bit better! I’m loving this fall weather too. I want to make 6 miles my standard distance for now. I found a perfect turnaround point, so I don’t have to always run with my watch, which is more relaxing.


Monday: 4 mile run. Nothing crazy, just the basic campus loop. This was a big deal though because this is the first time I’ve done back to back runs. It only worked because I took really good care of my feet on Sunday-ice and Advil, plus my night braces! Those things help so much!

Also-Crossfit. We worked on push press and pull ups for the strength portion. The WOD was a 20 minute AMRAP of the follow:

400m run (I wore my running shoes instead of Crossfit shoes and my feet thanked me)

20 wall balls

10 burpees

I finished 4 rounds plus a run, and my hips are feeling it today! One thing I will say though-as much as I hate burpees, all the workouts we’ve done lately have been…50 burpees. Straight. So 10 feels like a breeze!

Tuesday: Morning Crossfit. I love the morning classes but with the cold weather rapidly approaching, my morning days are numbered. I’m not about lifting weights in 29 degrees. Ugh.

For strength, we did power cleans. We did sets of 2, every minute on the minute for 10 minutes, and added 5# every minute. I started at 80 with the goal of working up to 120….yeah there’s definitely something wrong with my math there! I ended up failing fantastically on the second rep at 125# and totally wiping out. Fun fact-if you fall over backwards on your butt on an Olympic lifting platform with enough force, you slide pretty far. I felt ridiculous, but I’m pretty sure no one saw me totally fall.

The WOD was much less eventful!

5 rds:

350 m row(yeah, weird number)

6 thrusters

8 hang power cleans

10 burpees

I ended up using 75#. I tried to use 65, but was promptly told to add weight. Whoops.

And that just about wraps it up! Have a great Wednesday!

The Thing That I Never Mentioned

Hey guys! Who is pumped that it is Friday? I’m looking at an early night tonight. I got a weird bug bite last weekend-definitely not a mosquito bite-and since I have weird marks all up my arm. I think it’s probably some type of allergic reaction so I’m going to take Benadryl in the hopes that it solves the problem! I did talk to someone who is a doctor though and he confirmed that I am most likely not dying, so that’s always good!

Food and workout-wise, I was up early this morning to take a spin class at Soul Cycle. The 7am class was packed! It was a fun, good workout, but again-I’d never recommend that class. It really is meant only for very young, very fit people-they is plenty of potential for injury! One of my favorite spin teachers told us a story about how she went to a spin class and passed out getting off the bike because there was no cool down. She wouldn’t name names, but it was pretty clear where it was! COOLDOWN IS SO IMPORTANT!

I got coffee after class. Necessary.


Breakfast was same old, same old.


Lunch was TJ’s lemon pepper chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts with nutritional yeast.


After a long lab, I had planned to go to Crossfit because it seemed like such a fun one, but the dinner menu sounded delicious so I went to dinner instead. It did not disappoint.

Roasted carrots, roasted cauliflower, peanut free pad thai, thai chicken, lentil curry, coconut rice, candied yams. I got a little bit of everything!


And now onto the thing I haven’t mentioned.

I have a job teaching spin! It’s at the same studio I got certified at. I auditioned a few weeks ago, and now I’m on as a sub! So far, I’ve subbed one class, and it was awesome.

I ended up getting pretty late notice for that class and had to frantically get things together, but it was so, so awesome. The members are so great, and it was just so much fun! I’m still working on wearing a headset without breathing into the mic the entire time, but it was great!

I’m trying to put together playlists for everyone’s tastes-if anyone has good spin music I’d love suggestions! Here’s the playlist I used.


Since I am teaching, it’s essential I get some spin classes in that I take! Plus it’s easier to rationalize the Soul Cycle price tag…man.

Have you ever done Soul Cycle? Thoughts?

A Day In The Life Fall 2014

Hey guys! It’s been a looong time since I did a Day in the Life post! (See my last one here! After looking over it, my quarter is definitely much saner!)

7:05 Alarm goes off. Jump out of bed and remove my foot straightjacket.


It’s a night brace for my plantar fasciitis. It really helps, but I feel really constrained so I typically wear one at a time to give one foot some freedom.

I wake up grateful that my feet are feeling good! They were bad yesterday.


Heading out for a run. I have trouble getting out the door on time this morning. My route takes me 2.5 miles more or less up a gradual hill, and 2.5 miles back. It feels pretty good. The plan was 6 but I’m short on time and the turnaround works better this way. I think about how much I miss running in DC. 2.5 miles there would take me from my house in Georgetown to the monuments. Here, it takes me…up a street.

I had to wear long sleeves! It was cold this morning! I think about how hard it will be to get out the door in a few months, but it’s fine once I get moving.


Not the fastest time, but it was up hills and felt better than last week!

9:00am Go to breakfast. They had roasted cauliflower with the eggs! I get a small bowl of eggs+veggies, plus my usual yogurt bowl with sun butter and pears. It seems like a lot of food, but run days make me hungry!


I contemplate getting coffee. My decision is made for me when the dining hall is out! I decide that taking back some roasted veggies for lunch will save time in my lunch prep, and I’m still running late.

9:15 Pack up lunch and back pack, and then shower and get ready.


9:52 Walk out the door and refill our candy bowl.


Bike clear across campus to my first class.


10-11:50 Developmental Neurobiology


We talk about synapse elimination in the spinal cord.

12-Lunchtime! Contemplate getting coffee because I’m dragging a bit, but decide against it.

Lunch is mashed sweet potatoes, roasted veggies from this morning, and precooked lemon pepper chicken from Trader Joe’s. I was impressed and surprised by how lemony the chicken was.


Also here’s my outfit. Jeans. Moccasins. Long sleeve shirt+scarf. It’s fall my friends.




12:30-3 I did work. Normally I’d have a Chem section in there too but since we just had a midterm, there wasn’t much material to go over.

I spent some time working on Wednesday’s post.


I also watched Monday’s CS lecture. On Mondays I have overlapping classes, but one of my lectures is filmed so I watched the lecture today!


~3:00 Head over to CS lecture. This class has 700 people in it, but luckily in week 5 people stop going to class so it’s easy to get a seat!


4:15 Return to dorm. I need a nap! Dinner doesn’t seem like it will have a ton of substance so I eat a bite of blueberry vanilla goat cheese.


I then change into leggings-GOTTA SUPPORT THE TEAM-and crawl into bed until 5:00 when the game starts.



5:00 Alarm goes off. I just up and run to the dining hall to grab dinner before first pitch at 5:07. Dinner looks better than expected.


A piece of quesadilla, salad, roasted carrots, a little cilantro brown rice, some dry chicken.

Then-game time!


Between innings I run back to the dining hall to return my dishes and grab a bowl of ice cream with hot fudge.


Continue watching the game and work on pre-lab during commercials.


Game ends around 8:45. Sadly we lose. We’re now 1-1 for the series but we’re headed home!

8:45-9:15 Work on this post and chat with a friend. She learns about this blog and wants to follow it.

9:15 House meeting. Only a couple of announcements, but they bring in Sprinkles Cupcakes! I haven’t had many sweets this week so I don’t worry that I already had ice cream.


I decide that Sprinkles doesn’t compare to the other cupcake places in DC, although I swear the Sprinkles Cupcake I had in DC was better. And bigger…

9:38 Now. Typing up this blog post. I’m ahead on work so I’ll probably go to bed soon. I also realize that I’m almost certainly allergic to the Halloween candy that doesn’t contain nuts, but is packed and processed near so many nuts. Booo. I’ve gotten so sensitive!

It’s interesting to see this Day in the Life compared to the last one-my life is so much less crazy now!

What do you think of Day in the Life posts?


WIAW and Life Lately

Hello! Today’s WIAW is going up a little bit late, but that’s ok!


Today’s post will sort of be photo dump style. Expect more organization tomorrow-I’m recording a “Day in the Life” today!

Dinner on Sunday night was a giant Mexican salad with an obscene amount of avocado. I can count of one hand the number of times I’ve had avocado since coming to school….

Also a cheese quesadilla on top.


Breakfasts have been same old, same old. Which I actually like, because it’s nice to have a routine, but doesn’t make for the most interesting blog content. The other day there were bananas though, which was a nice change!


While this lunch wasn’t the most exciting, I loved how colorful it was! Mashed sweet potatoes, hard boiled egg, and broccoli.


Yesterday, I went out to lunch with my family. My mom and I split a chopped salad (see my version here!) and an arepa with gouda.


Dinner at the dining hall was meh. The roasted vegetables were great-the food I did get was good, but there wasn’t a protein source so my meal felt like it was majorly missing something.


I remedied that by making some chia pudding, eaten in front of the Giant’s game.


I left it in the communal fridge to thicken, and I feel like people probably judged me heavily because it looks pretty weird!

In terms of life things, I’m officially having a Halloween party! I’m a little obsessed with holidays, and I feel like if I didn’t have one, I’d be sitting around by myself on Halloween. I invited people yesterday, and have zero idea what type of turnout I’ll get. On the plus side, my high school friend is visiting, and she’s very artsy so she can help decorate!

Other life news: this gum. It tastes like love and happiness.


Also, I love my Giants and I love my friends.


SO HAPPY about yesterday’s game! I’ve planned my whole life around the games so it was great to get a win! So happy guys, you have no idea. Let’s hope we keep this up!

What have you eaten lately?