GUYS. I apologize completely for totally leaving you! It’s been a week! I’ve been busy/haven’t had the energy so what do you say we do food pictures today and notes on workouts tomorrow? So this isn’t too insanely long.

Lunch-giant melty chicken pita with hummus:



Dinner out with a friend. We went to a tapas place, and it was phenomenal. Not to mention the adorable baby tortillas on the tacos!

Brussels sprouts with coconut/chipotle?



Guacamole (of course).



Mushroom tacos with fried plantains.



GUYS. The highlight of my life was on Friday. I went to the AVOCADO CAFE. That’s basically a dream come true. It was amazing. I think every item had avocado.



I went with a veggie wrap, and it was warm and delicious and came with roasted sweet potatoes (not crispy enough to be called fries).



I then went to Haagen Dazs and had a really delicious ice cream cone-midnight cookies n cream! I like it way better than Ben and Jerry’s..that’s just too much more me.



I then walked down to the waterfront and pondered how I’m leaving soon. 2 weeks…



Saturday, I went to a place called The Protein Bar. I saw someone tweet something delicious from there, and then I remembered I had seen one nearby! SO I had a guacamole type of salad and a chocolate protein shake. Delicious.



Sunday, post run I had a delicious unpictured meal (sorry, didn’t run with a camera) followed by a post run requirement-giant cupcake from Baked and Wired. It was called unicorn something-vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting. I really like their vanilla-I’m normally a chocolate person but this is very vanilla-y. And the cream cheese frosting tasted just like buttercream. Yum! I’ve liked Baked and Wired more than the first time I was there-the cake this time was very moist.



I went over to a friend’s house for a movie night, and “helped” with some of her leftover peach-gingersnap crisp. It was amazing-the crisp part was made with gingersnaps! It may or may not have also been breakfast because I’ve been too lazy to make my planned breakfast for the week (oops).



As you can tell, I’m enjoying myself. I swear I’m eating more than sweets, but vegetables only look so interesting after a while-I’m pretty sure I’ve shown the same green bean salad 50 times by now.

Also, you may notice I’m not linking up for WIAW. To be honest, it’s just not practical for me right now to try and deal with that while I’m at work, so it’s just not going to get done, so it’s just a regular Wednesday!

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  1. Elsie@SharingHealthiness

    Upps..something went wrong with my comment…

    Yes, I am happy you are back!!

    Why isn’t there an AVOCADO CAFE where I live? I think because I would seriously stalk the place with my presence every day!! HAHA.

    Ohh those cutie little heart shaped sprinkles on that cupcake just make it even more tastier!

    1. astottler Post author

      It’s seriously the best! I went again today!

  2. Ashley @ Miles on Oats

    GLAD YOUR BACK! Can we go on a lunch date in the future? Remind me to ninja your food and swap it out with mine. Deal? Deal? I say indulge and enjoy this love, it’s not often you get to experience life changing foods in the summer.


    1. astottler Post author

      Umm deal. You always have the best food!

  3. Chickgettinfit

    The protein bar sounds like an awesome place to eat! I’ll have to check it out if I’m ever in the DC area.

    1. astottler Post author

      You should! There are also a few other cities that have them!

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