So today I came to the conclusion that I can actually cook. Now that I’ve entered into the meat-cooking world, I think it’s fair to say that! Exhibit A is tonight’s dinner-Greek salad!



From the few times I’ve cooked chicken, I’ve learned that the key is to season the #$%# out of it. I have a few spices, and I basically go after it with all I’ve got. Seems to work!

Also on the food front, I have something to share with you guys. I’ve made the coconut flour quesadilla from Blogilates a few times now. Recently, I started making just a plain quesadilla, with the coconut flour tortilla base, and then cheese in the middle. It whips up in minutes, and all the ingredients are staples. In the past couple of days, (especially as my fridge grew sparse) whenever I was hungry I’d whip up one of these guys.



I turned it into a pancake version this afternoon by adding mashed banana and some white chocolate chips.



Those came out as kind of a fail (I burned them a bit) but it is versatile.

Now, onto the run. I had planned to do 6 but ended up deciding on 5. I’m really hoping it’s the heat and humidity getting to me, and I’m not just super out of shape, but every time I run it’s so HARD. Which is concerning given I was running fast(ish) 6 milers at the end of school.

At least the scenery was nice. I headed out along the waterfront. I had originally planned to go North to the Georgetown area, but it was easier to go south. IMG_8414 IMG_8415


I ended up turning around at the Arlington Cemetery-not that I was trying to go there in the first place! My parents lived in DC and would talk about how they would always accidentally wind up there, so I guess it runs in the family!

IMG_8416 IMG_8417


With a mile left, I decided to run to Georgetown Cupcakes, a super popular place I had yet to try, instead of heading back. Sadly, when I got there the line was insane (to be expected).



Instead, I stopped at the Pinkberry across the street. SO good.



Another thing I learned today? I’m not in California anymore. I sunburned the heck out of my shoulders today.

This picture doesn’t come close to doing it justice, but you can see my nice burn lines from Friday as well.



Other than that, it was a very low key day. Nothing crazy!

What did you do this weekend? Can you cook?

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  1. ChickGettinFit

    Thats a lot better cooking job than I could ever do. Those pancakes look delicious 🙂

    1. astottler Post author

      The other side looked pretty bad though-I must admit!

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